Hi, I’m Lina.  I am a four-year old Toy Australian Shepherd and weigh approximately 11.5 pounds.  When I was only 8 weeks old, Momma whisked me away from my birthplace in Florida to the frozen tundra of Minnesota.  We now live in Minnesota in the summer and Florida in the winter – perfect, except that both places have water and I hate water.

Not long after Momma got me, I realized that maybe she was not a normal dog owner. Not only did she have a lot to learn about doggie care, but her entire life seemed to be a series of calamities.  She is totally clueless about many things including her budget and technology.  And don’t even get me started about her politics.  Suffice it to woof, that life with Momma is so fur-raising that I decided to write this Blog.

I hope you enjoy our adventures and invite you to follow along!


Nom de pawlume ~ Little Big Ears