A Little Paws in the Action

You might have noticed a little pawcity (paucity for you humans) in events on this page.  As I’m sure you know, this was due to our worldwide pandemic.  Luckily, the worst seems to be over now (as of this writing on April 7, 2022), and we will soon return to our normal slate of activities.  As I like to woof, “will woof for food!:  Please stay tuned!  We’ve missed you!

Sit Stay Pray Wins Second National Book Award!

One can never have too much of a good thing (especially if they are dog treats!).  With a second award for our second book, Momma and I have been marking our territory in the book world.

In July, the National Indie Excellence Awards named SSP a finalist in its Animals and Pets category.  Although we didn’t win first place, we are still celebrating our second big win of the year.  As NIEA President Doug Fogelson says, “The competition is intense.  Indie Excellence proudly celebrates the talent, dedication and love they put into the book product.”

Sit Stay Pray is #IBPABens Winner!

On March 7, our latest book, Sit Stay Pray, was named as a finalist in the Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Awards program.  As one of three finalists in the Humor category, we were also deemed a Silver Award winner!

On Thursday, May 7, the IBPA held its virtual award party to give out the gold awards.  Unfortunately, SSP did not win the gold but Momma and I are immensely proud of our silver.  You can read all about here!

Sit Stay Pray

Our new book, Sit Stay Pray, was released on October 1 last year and Momma and I are still working hard to get the word out and make it easy for you to put your paws, er . . . hands on it. It is currently available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Itasca Books and Target.  If you can’t wait to get it in the mail, you may purchase Sit Stay Pray or Lina Unleashed at Barnes and Noble Galleria in Edina, or simply contact Momma and me, and we’ll get you a pawdographed copy ASAP!

Sit, Stay, Pray Cover

Barnes & Noble Launch and Sunshine Booksellers Paw-rties are Huge Successes!

On Saturday, November 9, Momma and I celebrated the launch of Sit Stay Pray at BarnesIMG_0734and Noble in Edina, Minnesota.  It was a smashing success with over fifty guests and customers.

Also, on February 20, 2020 we held a pawdographing/reading at Sunshine Booksellers on sunny Marco Island in sunny Florida.  It also was a rousing success and lots of fun (see February 29 post entitled “Book Doggie Does Well”).

Women’s Cultural Alliance Appearance May Lead To More!

On March 9, Momma, with help from her friend, Cathy Lone Dawson, did a presentation on Lina Unleashed and Sit Stay Pray for the Women’s Cultural Alliance of Southwest Florida.  Because of my status as a dog, I was only allowed to greet the attendees as they entered the building, but I did succeed in “warming up the crowd” with face licks my disarming personality.  Momma reported that the event went extremely well, with the women being very curious about our relationship and the writing process.  Momma correctly informed them that she was merely acting as a scribe and recording my thoughts.  Lenore, the chair of the group, even said that she would try arrange another presentation next year up in Naples.  Woofda!  That’s Janet next to the flag and Cathy on the right.


Just as predicted Momma and I (I was there in spirit) did do another WCA South Speaker Series event – this one was on April 5, 2021.  Because of the pandemic, our presentation, “Lina ‘speaks’ about Misadventure with Momma,” was held via Zoom.  Momma and her good friend, Cathy Lone Dawson, did a co-presentation with a cool power point and I’m told it was a big hit!  Oh, and by the way, I did make a little cameo appearance.  How could I not???


On September 10, 2020 (!) Momma hosted a book club with her good friend, Sandy Becker.  Both of my acclaimed books, Lina Unleashed and Sit Stay Pray, were discussed.  Momma assured me that the books were covered extensively, and that this was not just an excuse to drink wine.  (I insist on a full report when I’m not able to attend.). According to Momma, it was a fantastic meeting and several members commented on my good sense of humor.  Momma used to belong to this club and said it was great to reconnect.  Special thanks to Sandy for opening up her beautiful home for the meeting.

Prior to that (and there was a long space in between because of COVID), Momma and I hosted a discussion of Sit Stay Pray for Momma’s book club at the Veracruz on February 4.  It was very well received and the women asked insightful questions.  I was allowed to attend and got my share of belly rubs.  You can read about it in my post of February 12, “Spreading the Word.”  Here we are in the lobby.


We also held two meeting in late 2019.  On November 21, we traveled to Prior Lake and led the Wilds Bookclub in a discussion of Sit Stay Pray.  The reaction was even more enthusiastic from that group.  Several women said they loved the book and that it was laugh-out-loud funny.  I want to give a big woof out to Momma’s friend, Helen, for inviting us and to Sue for hosting.  Sure was a “Wild” group!  Here’s a photo.


On November 13, we hosted the Crystal Lake Bookclub at our house, and had a great discussion.  Our friend, Dana, said she read SSP on a recent flight, and was laughing out loud on the airplane.  This was music to Momma’s and my ears.

Opportunities for YOU!

Please keep in mind that you, too, can book us for your bookclub.  Please contact us at or leave a comment on my blog, and we’ll set something up.  Momma says we will even travel to places such as Palm Desert or Maui or St. Thomas if need be (well maybe post COVID).  Speaking of COVID, we will also do a ZOOM meeting for your club.  I love it because I can even take a little nap and nobody knows!

Lina Unleashed

And let’s not forget about my award-winning debut book, Lina Unleashed.  It continues to sell well, and humans are loving it!  I think it reminds them of their own foibles in dealing with the modern world.  Not that anyone has as many issues as Momma — she is in a class by herself.

Lina Unleashed is available at,, and from Momma and me (pawdographing and shipping included!).  It is also available at select book/gift stores including Barnes & Noble in Burnsville and Edina, MN, Tazzie Baby & Child in Victoria, MN, the Moose Hus Coffee House in Tioga, ND, BR Uno in Naples, FL, and Sunshine Booksellers and the Marco Island Historical Society in Marco Island, FL.