Sunshine Booksellers Event Gets Boost from Marco Eagle

Dear Readers,

Momma has been in high gear preparing for our pawdographing and reading of Sit Stay Pray at Sunshine Booksellers this week.  Especially since we got the Marco *Eagle* (I can’t help it — that word scares me) yesterday, and it included a big splash about the event.

In fact, right after we picked up the paper from the mailroom, Momma scurried into her office and googled “How to do a book signing event.”  Never mind that she’s done them before, she forgets easily and still hasn’t gotten over the trauma of the Lina Unleashed pawdographing two years ago when she basically read a speech to the restless audience (see chapter 24 of SSP).

Plus, she’d really like to get to the bottom of what attendees actually want from a book signing function.  She’s thought about it a great deal, but the answer is about as elusive for her as figuring out the meaning of life.  Do they want to know our backgrounds?  If it’s really cold in Minnesota?  What the book is about?  Did Lina really write it?  Where did Momma get such a cute dog?   (Smiling emoji.)

As Momma continues to pawnder her presentation, let me remind you that our Sunshine appearance is at 3:00 tomorrow!  We hope you can make it.  Cookies, wine and face licks will be served.

Lina, The Really Cute Dog




Spreading the Word

Dear Readers,

What a fantastic week we’ve had!  First, my new book, Sit Stay Pray, was the pick of the litter . . . er, the month for Momma’s bookclub.  Also, I got to attend the meeting with Momma, and (per the building manager’s instructions) I stayed on leash the whole time.  There wasn’t always someone at the other end, but what happens in the social room at the Veracruz stays there.  And speaking of stay – the lovely ladies did just that – they sat, they stayed and they discussed!

What a nice group of women — they couldn’t have been more gracious to Momma and me.  Mary B., the facilitator, led a great meeting, and after getting a few housekeeping items out of the way, they turned to my book.  The group asked a wide variety of questions such as “What advice would you give someone who wants to be a writer?” (Momma wisely piped up with “write!”), and “What have you learned from Lina, Robin?” (that one stumped her – maybe she’s not trainable after all).  One lady, Val, gave several examples of passages from SSP that made her laugh out loud!

All in all, we had a tail-wagging good time and we want to thank The Ladies of the Club for including us!  Here are some photos from our fun event.  We also want to thank, Luis, (pictured with me by the sign) who served as our photographer.  Also, big time thanks to Mary B. for making such a professional sign!  Woof!

Coming Up – Sunshine Booksellers!

Momma and I are also looking forward to our (second) appearance at Sunshine Booksellers next Thursday at 3:00.  Here’s our sign — already up — and next to that of Randy Wayne White, a New York Times bestselling author!


Momma attended Randy’s signing yesterday, eager to study his every move and word.  Momma said he was fantastic – totally off the cuff, funny and brilliant.  She has decided to emulate him this time — she will just say whatever comes to mind.  God help us.  Once again, I’ll be doling out face licks to distract.

Yesterday we did our trek around Cape Marco again, urging building managers to put our posters on display.  Momma had been dreading it, and dragged me along as her foil.  Here I am getting some tummy rubs from our friend, Tim — the manager of Cape Marco.


Today she’s participating in a little golf tournament and will be littering the place with her SSP postcards.

If you are in the area, I hope you can make it to our pawdographing!  Remember, the proceeds go to help my animal friends and disabled veterans and first responders.

And just a quick woof about Sunshine Booksellers:  they are one of the few remaining independent booksellers in the area, and have been terrific to us.  A big woof-out to Manager Joan for all of her help.

Lina, Taking Care of (Book) Business





Report from the (Florida) Front

Greetings Dear Readers,

Momma and I have settled in for the winter in Florida and we have both been quite busy.  I have IMG_0743been getting re-acquainted with old friends like Gracie, Cruz, Halle, Yogi, Bentley, Jackie, Lucy (she’s a pistol!) and the newcomer, Jasper, when we go outside to do our business.  Gracie and I (see photo right) have also had a few fun playdates, and I’ve enjoyed several walks around the Cape with Momma and my sitters, Janice and Natalie.

Momma has been busy, too.  In addition to her countless outings for shopping, golf, happy hours and attending Republican events, she has been working feverishly on promoting my new book, Sit Stay Pray.  

And I have to paw it to her — Momma really is a pit bull when it comes to marketing.  She has already placed ten copies of SSP at BRUNO in Naples, and dropped one off for consideration at the Marco Island Historical Society — they already carry Lina Unleashed.  Both places have Unleashed prominently displayed on their front counters!

IMG_0699Momma also inserted herself into the Veracruz Book Club schedule, and Sit Stay Pray will be discussed at their meeting on February 4!  As you can see, the meeting will be held in our “social room.”  Momma is thrilled about the bookclub, especially after the building manager said I could attend, too — “provided I am on a leash.”  “Of course,” said Momma all business-like.   She has, however, no intention of complying.  (How am I supposed to divert attention from her almost certain gaffs if I’m not allowed to work the room?)   This from a member of the Rules Committee.

IMG_0734Momma also nailed down another book event at Sunshine Booksellers on February 20.  We have just received the flyers from the printer and our marketing is about to be kicked into overdrive.  I already dread going from building to building in our area, begging managers to put up signs, and passing out postcards to anyone we meet on our walks and in the elevators — or anywhere.  Here’s my pitch though — if you’re in the area, please come (and sit and stay)!

Also, Momma’s fun friend, Cathy Lone Dawson, has secured a spot for her to do a reading with the Women’s Cultural Alliance on March 9.  I know what you’re thinking and I’m thinking the same thing:  Momma presenting at a cultural event?  Truth be told, she herself is scared to death — she just hopes she can pull this off.  My book, after all,  is pup . . . er pop culture, is it not?

IMG_0682In the meantime, she’s moving full-steam ahead.  The other day she submitted my “tunnel” photo (taken by my trainer, Sara) with a little blurb about my writing, to the Marco Eagle.  Amazingly, it appeared on page two of the paper two days later!  Now, of course, she’s hounding them for an article about the book.

There is one thing that Momma has delved into that thankfully did not involve me.  She is now a proud board member of the Republican Club of South Collier County (RCSC).  The other night she came home from an event with a bunch of “Trump 2020” socks — or chew toys as I call them — which she intends to give away to friends (“I have to help him get re-elected, Lina!”)  If there is a god, I’ll get to them first.


Lina, Just Doing My Part




Hounded by the Puparazzi!

Dear Readers,

It seems you just can’t get away from them.  I have been constantly hounded lately by the media.

First, Momma’s hometown paper, the Gonvick Leader Record, published a nice puff piece about my new book in its supplement, the Tri County Canary.  It appeared on the front page — and above the fold!  (Once you are a media darling, it doesn’t take long to learn the lingo.)   I don’t have a link to the story, but here’s a photo of it in the paper.  I’m sure if you want a copy, I can dig one up.  (Smiley emoji.)


Then, in late November, the Burnsville Sun-This Week (our current home-town paper) once again ran a front page article on us.  Mr. John Gessner, the editor, did a great job, except that he let Momma ramble on a bit about politics, and she even managed to mention Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.  She should be put on a leash.

And what can I woof about Mr. Gessner’s writing – he “gets” us!  Who else would describe Sit Stay Pray, as 47 bite-size chapters about life?  He did such an outstanding job of reviewing the book, that if I hadn’t written it, I’d buy it!  Here’s a link in case you want to “read all about it!”


Then just before Christmas, the Bemidji Pioneer published an article on Sit Stay Pray, too.  I think the author, Matthew Liedke – who did a fantastic job — grasped my role in the whole thing (“Pup puts pen to paper — tells story in blog and books”).  I just wonder if there might be room for a little doggie statue next to Paul and Babe down by the lake.  Here’s a link to that story.


So, you can see, dear readers, this has been a very good year for Momma and me, and we couldn’t be more grateful.  We want to thank you for supporting the Animal Humane Society and Helping Paws Minnesota with the purchase of our books.

May you have a tail-waggingly good 2020.

Lina, Lucky Dog




My New Boots

Dear Readers,

Greetings from Minnesnota.  Yes, even though we have a perfectly good place in Florida (aka The Sunshine State), for some odd reason we are still in the frozen tundra and the term has never been more apt.

Winter arrived early and furociously this year.  We have had freezing rain, tons of snow, temperatures that hovered around zero with wind chill that would make the North Pole seem balmy.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but keep in mind I have to go outside to go potty.  You try that when the ground is icy and snow packed and you have Momma (who shuffles along at a “glacial” pace like Tim Conway) in tow.   And to make matters worse, we only have about six hours of daylight now, so we’re often going out when it’s pitch dark.  In fact, it’s so dicey that Momma has taken to bringing her cell phone along so if she falls and gets knocked out, she can call somebody.  I know, right?

Anyway, this brings me to my point.  My paws get cold.  Like frozen cold.  Momma was hoping I could make it through the season without buying me little booties (you may recall that she is on a budget where I am concerned), but when I started going potty while alternately lifting my legs, she realized she had to do something.

First, she scoured the cupboard where my stuff is kept to make sure there were no previously purchased but forgotten boots.  There she found some five-year old Musher cream designed to provide a barrier from the snow and ice, but it did not help even one little bit.  Then inspawration hit!  She would use the little socks that she got from the vet to keep my feet dry after the time I was bitten at doggie daycare.4A5CFC3C-608A-423F-9F55-E46B858D4E9B

The socks had been impossible to keep on then, even with tape, and unfortunately this time was no different.  Especially when she caught some of my fur in the tape and effectively attached my neck to my leg.  Not making this up.  After the furcut allowing me to stand on all fours again, Momma took me outside where the socks promptly fell off.  Here I am already knowing that this was going to be a disaster.

FC99C6F5-A735-4614-A6CF-26CBC7AC5071Realizing that she had no choice but to actually buy something for me (plus, she could call it my Christmas gift), Momma next swung into Pet Smart, where they had some cute — yet price sensitive — socks, but only in size large.  In case you haven’t noticed, my paws are the size of a rabbit’s.  The socks are quite the fashion statement, but fell off even faster that the vet socks.  Even when she taped them up.  I wonder if Uber goes to Florida from here.

Next, she found some cute little “Dog” boots online that look just like her very own Uggs (price no object there!).  Luckily Amazon delivered them just as we were clawing our way outside (me bare-pawed again) in the dark looking for a good place to go.

Excited, Momma dragged me back inside where she ripped open the package and quickly began pulling the little booties on me.  She tried to ignore the fact that they seemed tight, hoping that she hadn’t measured wrong.  Well, if nothing else, she thought, she could have my nails trimmed to make them fit better.  Not making this up either.  We already have an appointment with the groomer.

Anyway, by the time I stumbled outside with the new boots, I had already lost one, and most of my potty time was spent looking for the other three.  Momma was ready to cry –they weren’t cheap and she had paid for express delivery!

The next morning it hit her (and I’d like to).  She had forgotten that the boots came packed with cotton so they would keep their shape.  Is it any wonder she couldn’t stuff my little paws into them?   Guess what — when she finally removed the packing, they fit perfectly!  Here I am during the Uggs nightmare.

Now that our stay in Minnesota is almost over, I finally have appropriate pawwear.  And sometimes Momma even remembers to put a jacket on me.  Just in time, too — it’s 3 above as I sign off.


Lina, Not Digging these Minnesota Winters!



Boutique Blast!

Dear Readers,

Well guess what – third time’s the charm!  This was Momma’s and my third time selling Lina Unleashed (and this time also Sit Stay Pray and assorted note cards) at the Olympic Hills Holiday Boutique and it was the best event yet.

Momma’s friend (and breeder of famous keeshond show dogs), Susan, helped her care for me and it went swimmingly.  Momma even remembered to bring along a little bed and water dish this time which made all the difference.  We sold lots of books, I visited with old friends and made some new ones, too.  Here I am with Rudy and Brett – both from Olympic Hills, with Susan and Momma and with Sharon (momma of Charlie who I have a big crush on).  It was a blast!

Lina, Schmoozer!




Dear Holiday Shoppers & Dog & Book Lovers,

You won’t want to miss this year’s Olympic Hills Holiday Boutique.  Along with tons of other vendors selling “not-to-be-missed” treats for others (and yourself!), Momma and I will be there selling pawdographed copies of Sit Stay Pray and Lina Unleashed, along with my all-new inspawrational notecards.  Oh, and I’ll be giving out free face licks.  And best of all, remember that all book proceeds go to Helping Paws Minnesota and the Animal Humane Society. 

Olympic Hills Holiday Boutique

10625 Mount Curve Road, Eden Prairie

Thursday, December 5th, from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.


See you there!

Lina, Boutique Bow Wow