Memorial Day 2020

Dear Readers,

Momma and I are forever grateful to those who have given their lives for our country and the freedom we enjoy because of them.  With this year’s pandemic restrictions, we appreciate that freedom more than ever.  Humans and dogs alike are indeed lucky to live in this great country.


Commemorating Memorial Day 2020

We also want to remember and honor all family and friends (including furry) who have gone before us.  You are loved and missed.

Lina, Humbled Hound




Dear Readers,

Greetings again from my home office.  As you will see in the photo below, I am continuing to wear a scarf-mask for my briefings.  I think I am way ahead of the (flattening?) curve with my new concept and may just start my own #LinaScarves line!931C1A23-0B74-4FF8-8EFD-8AA57F7D8451I really don’t have much to report so this will be brief.  The Big Pawse goes on with some businesses, restaurants, and Momma’s beloved salon still closed.  In fact, many things haven’t changed much at all.  Momma continues to come and go as she pleases, even though Governor Walz just lifted his #StayHomeMN order last Monday!  (And based on her age group, she should still be confined to a . . . I mean our . . . home.)   Even her shopping hasn’t tapered off, and she is now a regular at Ace Hardware (who knew we needed WD-40?) and Home Depot.

When she does stay home, Momma continues with my agility training.  Here I am practicing on the (mini) agility course in our back yard.  Our neighbor, Bob, who often looks after me, shot this video the other day.  Such fun.

I have also started agility training this week at a facility here in the Twin Cities which has tons of equipment (some I’ve never even tried).  The first session went well, although I can tell it’s going to take the trainer a while to whip Momma into shape.  I, on the other paw, showed them “what for” with the weave poles.  Update on that coming soon, as we have two sessions scheduled for next week.  CAD609D7-5BF5-4D18-B037-6E6234BB6B26

The only other news I have is that Momma did some housecleaning the other day.  I know, right?  When I came upon her, I thought it was an apparition, and was a little scared to woof the least (as you can tell by the photo at right).  Apparently even Momma has to “dig deep” to get through these tough times!

Until my next report, #staysafe!

Lina, Bringing You the News




Another Briefing; Another Scarf; A New Camp Bow Wow!

Dear Readers,

Last Wednesday, Governor Walz informed us that he was “turning back the dial” on COVID-19 restrictions.  Some businesses will stay closed (Momma’s salon for example) and some businesses will start to reopen starting next week.  For now, though, the great pawse continues.

Before I begin my latest update, I want to mention that, like the very fashion forward Dr. Birx, I’ve decided to wear a different scarf for each of my briefings.  And (I wonder if even Dr. Birx has thought of this?) did you know that a scarf can actually be converted into a mask if need be?  Maybe I belong on that medical panel.  Anyway, here I am with today’s #linascarves selection.


So here’s my update.  Momma continues to bemoan her fate that, based on Governor Walz’s most recent order, she cannot get her hair or nails or face or whatever other maintenance she requires done until at least June 1.  (As you can see, I’m still kind of glowing from mine, and this remains a big bone of contention with her.)

On the bright side, however, Walz announced that shops may now reopen! And as much as Momma is fond of saying there is nothing in the world she needs, the first word that popped into her mind upon hearing the news was — you guessed it — Nordstrom!   Unfortunately for her, the Mall of America cannot turn on a dime and will not reopen until at least June 1.

Finally, the biggest and best news of all — Camp Bow Wow has re-opened!  And get this — they have a brand new facility in Eden Prairie close to where Momma golfs, and she took me there yesterday.  Let me just woof this about that — it is fantastic!  Here I am with Counselor Maddie in front of the new Camp, with new friends in the small dog play area, and that’s my good friend, Roma, and me in the small dog yard.

IMG_1264I would highly recommend Camp Bow Wow to you if you’re looking for a safe and caring and fun place to take your furry friends.  In addition to doggie day care, they also do boarding, training and spa services!  Okay I shouldn’t mention this in front of Momma, but I’m thinking of asking for another one of their famous blueberry facials (see photo, right) next time I go!  You can check out the new Camp Bow Wow at https://www.campbowwow.com/eden-prairie/.  They also have facilities at Burnsville and Plymouth.

I hope you all have a great weekend and please remember to #staysafe and practice your #socialdistancing, even for your #furryfriends.

Lina, Blogger & Briefer!




The “Big Pawse” Continues

Dear Readers,

Well, this pandemic thing is really dragging on.  Although Momma and I aren’t doing much, I’m thinking of starting a daily briefing like Trump.  After all, if he can think of something to say every day, undoubtedly, so can I.  At least I won’t venture to give you off-the-cuff medical advice.  And I really do like that Dr. Birx; maybe I could get her to weigh in on doggie health during one of my briefings.

So here is my update.  As I may have mentioned before, Momma is just beside herself FAA2476C-7B7F-43A1-B6F9-311AB8FF1C1Ethat I can get a salon-spa appointment, and she can’t.  (“It’s a violation of my Constitutional, rights, Lina!”)  You know, I actually agree with her on this one.  Maybe if Governor Walz saw this picture, he’d agree that her salon services, like mine, are essential.  Just woofin’.  In the meantime, I’ve counseled her to just Sit, Stay & Pray.

I probably shouldn’t even say this, but my treatments were heavenly.  My fur is all clean and fresh and fluffy, the blow out was fabulous, and the pawdicure was divine!  In fact, I feel like a new dog.  Here I am all rested and relaxed and glowing after my luxurious services.  And, just like Dr. Birx, I’ve chosen to accent my look with an eye-catching scarf!623AF245-F6D4-4F7B-AC96-2A8E1A3C7752So that’s about it for today.  I’m sure many of you, like the reporters and viewers at Trump’s briefings, have many questions and may even want advice about #stayinghome during this “Big Pawse.”  Unfortunately, I cannot take live questions, but if you have any, please leave a comment on my site, and I’ll (nicely) respond to each and every one.  And please don’t forget to “follow” me — that way you won’t miss out on any of the action!

I look forward to keeping you updated with my briefings.  Until then, #staysafe.

Lina, Presser Pup





No Gold, But SSP Still a Winner!


Dear Readers,

Last night, Momma and I gathered around the iPad in a state of high anticipation to watch the 32nd Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin award show.  That’s Ben with the mask in the photo above, in front of all of the book entrants (1700 of them!).  Sadly, we did not win the gold in the Humor Category, but I do have to woof that I’m pretty proud of a silver Bennie!  (Momma, wearily:  “I know — a pawrticipation award would have been fine with you, Lina.”)  As you can probably tell, Momma, always in extreme competitive mode, is a bit disappointed over our loss.50B5A65C-C456-4F9D-BA58-FEA11C28DE52

She started out the evening in an excited and hopeful state.  The IBPA group had suggested all finalists send a social media post or two for their potential “red carpet” walk and Momma couldn’t fire them off fast enough.  One of the posts even made it onto the Bennie program, causing a presenter to remark, “Oh, and that’s one of our co-authors, I think.”  I was over the moon — she recognized me!  Here’s that post:

Momma’s mood tanked rapidly, though, after another finalist was named the winner of the humor award.  Here’s the presenter (Momma, not happy that he mispronounced my name, has now taken to calling him that nut with the red nose) announcing the winner:

Momma was devastated.  She perked up a bit though when the producers ran her acceptance speech for our Bennie.  (Finalists were instructed to send a in a short generic-award acceptance video, so the speech could be used no matter what happened.)  Our clip was videoed last March in Florida by our buddy, Roy, all around good guy and husband of my political sister, Rita!  Thanks again, Roy!  Here it is!

Since I wasn’t asked to speak, I’m going to give a big woof out right now to the IBPA program.  As Momma said in the video, we couldn’t be more honored or thankful to be a part of it and to have won an award.  And finally, we want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the Bennie winners.  (Momma, not able to help herself, does plan to buy To Squeeze a Prairie Dog, though, so she can be the judge if it’s funnier than SSP!)

And so, as you can see, Lina’s life with a difficult Momma goes on — could another book be in the works?

Lina, Bow-Wow with a Bennie!





#IBPABens Ceremony

Dear Readers,

Well, the time for the Independent Book Publisher Association Benjamin Franklin Awards (#IBPABens) Program is fast approaching.  As many of you may remember, #SitStayPray has already been given a silver award for being chosen a finalist in the humor category, and is hoping for a gold during the presentation tomorrow night.

This year the show will be a “Shelter-in-Place” online presentation and there will be, much to Momma’s disappointment, no gala dinner and ceremony in a fabulous destination such as Redondo Beach.  She is actually just crushed that she will not have the chance to fly all the way to California (hopefully with the real author in tow), the land of swimming pools and movie stars, and “doll up” for a big night out and the #IBPABens.  Sounds a bit Beverly Hillbilly, doesn’t it?

Anyway, instead of gazing out at the ocean, Momma and I will be sitting in front of my iPad in our grubs doing our best to log on and stay tuned in.  Luckily, we’ve already submitted a video of our award “acceptance” speech as required, so no one will be subject to what Momma looks like these days.  On a positive note, I did see that my name was included in the email invitation to join the ceremony and use the #IBPABens hashtag in all of our social media posts.  Oh and we’re supposed to include a photo, so I’ll toss one in at the end.

Momma and I hope you will send your good wishes and prayers our way.  And, as always, thanks for your loyal readership!

Lina, Hopeful and Thankful



Momma and me at a Book Pawdographing this year.  #IBPABens hopeful!



Shortest Post Ever

I have your attention now, right?

I just wanted to tell you that Momma is really down in the dumps, with the extension Governor Walz’s #stayhome order and its accompanying restrictions for humans.

She says, and I quote, “Lina, there is something fundamentally wrong with a world where you can get a salon appointment and I can’t.”

Don’t tell her I woofed this, but I can’t wait until my fur and nail services next week!

Lina, Pampered Pup