Fall Fun and Fallout

Dear Readers,

We’ve had an eventful October.  Not only was my new book, Sit Stay Pray, released, but Momma has gone on two trips (budget, Momma?) and I have been in the expert care of Dr. Becca and having a blast with my BFF, Winnie.  This is what friendship and love looks like:

And this is what fun looks like:

It has not all been peaches and cream (or even doggie treats), of course, and we’ve hit a few bumps in the road.  For example, I had a couple of accidents on the bed and couch when Momma was away (what is one to expect with all the comings and goings?).  Also, I may have used Winnie’s bed on occasion and flirted with her boyfriend, Spike (on the right below).  While Dr. Becca – and Winnie – took it all in stride, Momma was a little upset with my impawrfections.

In fact, she texted specific instructions to Becca before she left on her most recent trip:  “Please tell Lina no flirting with Spike (distrusted by Momma because of his motorcycle-like sounding name) this week, no stealing of Winnie’s bed, and NO peeing on the couch.”  When Becca later responded that there were no problems so far, Momma replied, “Well, don’t be scared to tell the little Aussie to mind her Pee and Qs!”  Don’t tell Momma, but I saw Becca roll her eyes.

But back to Momma’s trips.  The first was a lengthy overseas journey to Italy and Croatia.  The trip was made even longer when the Paris to Chicago leg of her flight home was diverted to Shannon, Ireland because of an unclaimed cell phone on board.  Momma’s first thought upon hearing news of the diversion:  I only wish I was going there for golf.  Mine:  I wonder if Momma caused some sort of fracas on the plane over President Trump.

Anyway, she made it home safely (although a day late!) and is now frolicking in Florida with girlfriends for a few more days of decadence – shopping, wining and dining, golfing, spending time at the pool and walking the beach.

The other morning, she went for an early morning walk and soon crossed paths with former House Speaker John Boehner (R).  Normally, she would be fawning all over him and asking for a picture, but she suddenly remembered she was mad at him and marched right on by.

Like me, you probably don’t care why, but I’ll tell you anyway.  It seems that last winter Momma had (incredibly!) asked the Speaker for an endorsement of Sit Stay Pray.  Thinking he may enjoy the political undercurrents running through the book, she dropped off a sample of SSP at his building.  Almost needless to woof, she did not hear back.  For the record, next time I’m going to ask my hero, OAC.  I know that she can be counted on to support the underdog (me).  Just woofin’.

So bottom line, Momma was officially mad at the esteemed Speaker and snubbed him at the beach that morning.  That’ll teach him, she thought.  I just hope he’s gotten over it by now.

Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy my stable and fun environment with Becca and Winnie.  Luckily, Momma will not be home for Howl-oween so I may dress up as a biker chick – just in case I run into Spike!

Lina, Boo!


Pawscript:  Did you know that October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month?






Working Like a Dog!

Dear Readers and Followers and Fans and Dog Lovers,

Momma and I have been busy.  First, I wanted to let you know that this is officially RELEASE DAY for Sit Stay Pray!  Just go Sit, Stay, Pray Coveron Amazon – no crazy link needed, but I’ll include it just in case – and key in Sit Stay Pray and your purchase today will still go towards making our book an influencer (okay maybe not an influencer, but you get the idea) on Amazon.  Here’s the link:


So wish us luck — we’re off and running.  And thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

I also wanted to tell you about our event at Chuck and Don’s last Saturday which was just delightful!  Sara, my trainer, and owner of Adventure is Barking offered agility training for a donation to Helping Paws of Minnesota.  Momma and I sold my books and notecards.  And I gave out free face licks.

Dr. Becca and Winnie also stopped by and both Winnie and I got to do a little agility training with Sara.  It was a blast.  By maybe best of all was that I met and bonded with a beautiful golden retriever named Seva (pronounced Saavah), of Helping Paws Minnesota.  We watched with amazement as Seva picked up a wallet and placed it on a table, turned a light switch on and off, and opened a drawer.  We found out that Seva means service, attendance or care, and the name fits her perfectly.  Here are some photos of Seva’s handler, Alida, Seva, Momma and me.

All in all, it has been a busy but productive week!

Lina, Working Girl



Sit Stay Pray Has Landed!

Dear Readers,

My new book, Sit Stay Pray, has “landed” as they woof, and Momma and I are pleased to inform you that it is now available for pre-order on Amazon!  Here’s the link:  https://www.amazon.com/Sit-Stay-Pray-Speaks-Difficult/dp/164343909X/ref=sr_1_2?qid=1568997088&refinements=p_27%3ALittle+Big+Ears+%28A.K.A.+Lina%29&s=books&sr=1-2&text=Little+Big+Ears+%28A.K.A.+Lina%29.  Admittedly, it’s is a little clumsy, but I’ve been assured the link will direct you to the right site.  I have taken a look myself and note that shipping — which will take place for pre-orders on October 1 — is free for Prime members, and really, who isn’t these days?  Here’s the front cover.

Sit, Stay, Pray CoverThe book is terrific if I do woof so myself.  I’ve boned up on my writing skills and Sit Stay Pray is sure to bring you even more enjoyment that my award-winning Lina Unleashed!  And remember, not only will you be treating yourself to more laugh-out-loud funny tails of my life with Momma, but you will also be donating to two great causes.  Proceeds will go to the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota which cares for over 23,000 animals per year, and Helping Paws of Minnesota which breeds, trains and places assistance dogs to help the disabled, and veterans and first responders with PTSD.

I must admit that my request for you to pre-order SSP on Amazon also has a bit of a hidden agenda (and this push comes from Momma, of course).  My publisher tells me that if we get a bunch of sales leading up to October 1, there’s a good chance SSP will debut high in its categories (it’s all about the algorithms), thus generating more attention and giving us a leg up(!) as a top seller.  Yippee!

And one more thing — if you want me to pawdograph your book once you receive it, just let me know and we’ll make it happen.  You can always contact me at lina@linasdogblog.com.

Lina, Prolific Pup





From Mardi Gras to Massage

Dearest Readers,

At the risk of sounding repetitive, it’s been a ruff week.  It all started with Momma leaving a Mardi Gras necklace on the floor (don’t even ask) where I would be sure to chew it up.  When Momma came downstairs and found me looking at the little beads all over the floor, she almost cried.  (“Oh, Lina, please tell me that you didn’t eat any of those beads!”)  I actually couldn’t remember so I just gave her my “I’m pretty adorable look, aren’t I?” look.

Anxious to get on to her next task, and pretty sure I wouldn’t have eaten the beads (they wouldn’t taste that good, she reasoned), she scooped up the mess and threw it in the garbage.  Then she checked with my sitter and animal chiropractor, Dr. Becca, who advised her to watch me and look for signs of an intestinal blockage, which would include vomiting and diarrhea.

Two days later, I had diarrhea and the next morning I vomited.  Uh-oh.  Momma quickly went into full panic mode, and decided she better determine if any beads were actually missing from the necklace that was still in the garbage.  She fished out the beads (some still on a string) and counted seventy-nine.


Then she counted the number of beads on two intact necklaces for comparison purposes.  There were eighty-two on both.  After another more in-depth dumpster dive, Momma happily found three more beads, and concluded she hadn’t almost killed me after all.

But symptoms — including not being able to go poops when I tried — continued, and the next night she took me to the emergency vet clinic (the car almost drove there itself).  After checking me in, Momma took me out to try for potty once more — and I think you know what happened next — success!

Thinking it was a little late to back out, and wanting to have me checked over anyway, just in case there was such a thing as Mardi Gras bead poisoning, I was forced to go through a horrible battery of tests and the usual anal gland expression before we were sent on our way.  $594.41 poorer.  Although the tests all came out normal, I was given antibiotics and by the next morning I was fine.  In case you are a new reader to my blog, this routine goes on all the time at our house.

The Massage!

Last year for Christmas, Dr. Becca had given me a massage gift certificate with Jenny Gott of Animal Intuition (check her out at http://www.animal-intuition.com).  Realizing she had put me through vet hell again, Momma thought this would be the perfect time to treat me with the massage.  Plus, it is almost Christmas again, and she thought she had better use it up or it would seem like we didn’t appreciate the gift (or didn’t want another one).

The massage was beyond wonderful.  All the stress of the week fell away and I felt like a new dog.  Here I am with Jenny luxuriating in the experience, and getting my post-massage treat and gift!

As you can see, it was a slice of heaven.  For all of you humans reading this post, may I suggest a massage with Jenny for your pet this Christmas?

Lina, Persecuted and Pampered



We Have a Winner!

Dear Readers:  Thank you for your interest and entries in my “Inspawrational” notecard series, and for pawrticipating in the caption contest for what I’ll call the “give and take” photo!

Turns out, the best caption was pretty simple (as the best things usually are), and was submitted by someone who is an actual copywriter – Susan Blakely.  She took one look at it and said the card should say, “Thank You!”  And here it is – it’s pawsome if I woof so myself!

Image 9-10-19 at 10.12 AM

So there you are – Susan is our winner and will receive as her prize an assortment pack of selected notecards.  There is not an occasion that is missing in this group.  From get well, to dream big, to thank you, to cheer up, to a general quick note, to celebrate, note writers (and please don’t let this be a dying art) will have all of their bases covered.

Stay tuned as Momma and I will be offering the note cards and books for sale at upcoming events.  Don’t forget to check out the Events Page on this site.

Time for me to write out a “Thank You” note to Susan!

Lina, Judge



National Dog Day! Turning Five! Bonus Video!

In case you weren’t aware, dear readers, today (August 26) is National Dog Day.  This day was established to encourage dog adoption and rescuing of all breeds – from mutts to mixes to purebreds.  Now this is a holiday I can get behind.  Honoring dogs and celebrating dogversity!

On another front, I am turning five years old tomorrow!  I know I shouldn’t woof this, but it does seem like I’ve been in Momma’s clutches, er, care for a lot longer.

Even though Momma wasn’t around for my birthday weekend (“I couldn’t help that it was the same weekend as the House Republican golf outing, Lina”), I got to spend quality time with Dr. Becca and Winnie!  We relaxed, played, kayaked and helped out at Dr. Becca’s office again.  It was so enjoyable, I almost didn’t mind wearing the dreaded Doggles for a little photo op.  Here we are enjoying our time together.  (Winnie does look a little Hells Angels, doesn’t she?)

I also want to share a video of me enjoying an e-birthday card from Nanny Becky on my second birthday!  This is a must see – DO NOT skip it!  I really think it’s going to go viral.  If only Momma could think of how to make that happen.

Lina, Celebrating!



Enter My Notecard Contest & Win a Prize!

Dear Loyal Readers,

Momma and I have exciting news!  We are busy designing photo cards for my new “Inspawrational” series.  We already have several in the works, and can’t wait for you to see them.  They are wonderful, and perfect for any occasion or sentiment.

There is one photo card, however, still in need of a caption — and that’s where you come in.  Momma and I have decided to hold a contest, and will be awarding a prize for the best message on the card below.  (There is no truth to the fake news that Momma and I are having trouble coming up with one.)  You can enter as many times as you want – just remember to keep it simple and meaningful.  We are so excited to see your ideas!


Send your entries to me at lina@linasdogblog.com or simply add a comment on this post.  So easy!  The deadline for entries is midnight (Central Time), Wednesday, August 21.  The winner will be featured on my blog (unless you’re shy), and the prize is an assortment package of my notecards.  It’s a win-win.  You get a prize and we all get another fabulous notecard from which to pick!  Enter today!

Lina, Creative Director and Judge