Looking Back & Yappy Holidays!

As 2016 – and my second year with Momma – draws to a close, I find myself reflecting back on our “never a dull moment” time together.  The year was, of course, dominated by the election – and I must admit that I’m one of those who might need counseling.  On the other paw, Momma is ecstatic!  (“It’s time to drain the swamp, Lina!” she echos mindlessly.)

As usual, the year had its moments of drama – the predictable vet visits and forced “fun” on the water.  But there were bright spots too – I had a rol”lick”ing good time with new friends and got loving care from various dog sitters and day care personnel during Momma’s frequent shopping and golf outings.  All in all a good year, and I can’t believe it’s almost time to celebrate the holidays again.

Where did the time go?  Well, as in the previous year, a lot of it was spent at myriad vet offices, specialty clinics and animal hospitals in Minni and Florida.  How much of the time at the vets’ was due to Momma’s inability to deal with minor – or even non-existent – health issues on her own and how much was due to her desire to visit a hunky doc (unnecessarily) (again) is anyone’s guess.

And a good chunk of the time was spent on the water in Momma’s never ending quest to make me a swimmer.  It’s not going to happen, but that doesn’t stop her from placing me on anything that floats (including a noodle in her friend Debbie’s pool) and paddling me around in the water.  And, by the way, just how was it that I – a water hating dog – ended up living in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and on one of the “10,000 Islands” of Florida?

Thankfully – when I wasn’t being examined by a vet or being held hostage on a b0dy of water, I got to enjoy long play dates with my BFFs (best furry friends) – Gracie, CoCoa and Winnie!  I also got to spend gobs of time with Gracie and her family in Florida.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they view me as their very own rescue dog.  I’m just woofing!

And of course, I got to spend quality time with Nanny Becky and Dr. Becca.  I know I will always have my “safe and special space” with them – which is important because you never know how this Trump thing is going to turn out.  How does he stand on doggie rights, I wonder?  (And I fear that Momma does not have my proper documentation.)  In any event, I am thinking about turning our house into a sanctuary site – just in case!

So as I close, I want to wish all of you Yappy Holidays and a fantastic 2017 filled with joy and peace.  I hope you will stay tuned to my Blog, because it goes with out woofing that there will be many more disasters and spectacularly embarrassing Momma moments.  As long as we’re together I’ll have many more tails to tell.


Lina, Snowflake



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