Lina Unleashed Released

Well, we did it.  With Momma’s help (yes, I still want to be fed), Lina Unleashed has now been published and is available for online purchase.  For the book description and ordering information, just click on the picture of my book on the Blog sidebar.

Momma also has big plans for the book to be carried at “select” bookstores in the area, a book release party and a whirlwind tour of book pawdographings.  By the way, it didn’t take her long to realize that her bright idea of actually having me put paw to ink pad to paper for the signings was a mistake.


Need I woof more?  Anyway, I will keep you posted on Momma’s progress and on any upcoming events.

Momma is also hoping to convince the Star Tribune to review my book in their Sunday book section.  I am pretty sure that she will not, for once, refer to the paper as the “Red Star” or the “Star & Sickle” when attempting to communicate with the book editor.  I’m just woofing.

Momma, in hard sell mode now, wants me to mention that my book makes a great gift for everyone.  (“It is perfect even for those people who aren’t big readers – with the large print and pictures and all, Lina!”)  And no more agonizing about what to get for that pesky relative when you’ve run out of patience, time and ideas for birthdays and Christmas, she exclaims!

She also wants me to mention – all of a sudden she’s politically correct – that my book is age and gender and everything-under-the-sun-appropriate and that there is zero chance that anyone could possibly be offended by its content.  She stopped short of claiming the book is sustainable (a favorite buzz word of the left) largely because she has no clue what it means.

And finally, a woof from me.  Thank you for following my Blog and I hope you will give the book a look!  A portion of the proceeds from Lina Unleashed will be donated (and I won’t let Momma be cheap) to the Animal Humane Society.

Lina, Published Author


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