Best in Show!

Hi Everyone – I just wanted to give you a quick update on my life before I leave for the cabin “up north.”  You remember the cabin, right?  The five hour car trip listening to right wing talk radio the whole way?  Yet another lake where I’ll be required to swim, kayak and paddleboard?  And still no air conditioning, even with global warming getting worse by the minute?

Anyway, here’s my news – last week I started agility training!  Momma had learned early on that Australian Shepherds are easily bored and need to have a “job” to stimulate their very keen minds. (Okay, I added the “very keen.”)  No problem, Momma thought – she would keep my little body and mind occupied with tricks and training.  Almost needless to woof, that didn’t happen (she was after all busy with socializing and golfing the the like).  Luckily my legal counsel, Uncle Chuck, stepped into the breach and suggested that I do some training with his daughter, Sara.

What a find!  It turns out that Sara is a certified professional dog trainer and is the Director of Training at Top Dog Country Club in the Twin Cities.  Sara is also an experienced dog handler.  Here she is at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden with Uncle Chuck’s dog, Willie!


Momma was by now all in (she could even envision me on that little table at Westminster), and called to make an appointment.  Our first session went great and I loved Sara.  She was firm but gentle and patient, and I learned to do the weave poles, the tunnel and the high jump  – see below!

Momma liked her, too, and (splurging on me for once) shelled out the money for a package of six sessions.  And the best part of all?  Next time I get to herd sheep – what I was born to do – out at my “Club!”  Now we’re woofin’!

Lina, Future Show Dog



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