Sit Stay Pray Has Landed!

Dear Readers,

My new book, Sit Stay Pray, has “landed” as they woof, and Momma and I are pleased to inform you that it is now available for pre-order on Amazon!  Here’s the link:  Admittedly, it’s is a little clumsy, but I’ve been assured the link will direct you to the right site.  I have taken a look myself and note that shipping — which will take place for pre-orders on October 1 — is free for Prime members, and really, who isn’t these days?  Here’s the front cover.

Sit, Stay, Pray CoverThe book is terrific if I do woof so myself.  I’ve boned up on my writing skills and Sit Stay Pray is sure to bring you even more enjoyment that my award-winning Lina Unleashed!  And remember, not only will you be treating yourself to more laugh-out-loud funny tails of my life with Momma, but you will also be donating to two great causes.  Proceeds will go to the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota which cares for over 23,000 animals per year, and Helping Paws of Minnesota which breeds, trains and places assistance dogs to help the disabled, and veterans and first responders with PTSD.

I must admit that my request for you to pre-order SSP on Amazon also has a bit of a hidden agenda (and this push comes from Momma, of course).  My publisher tells me that if we get a bunch of sales leading up to October 1, there’s a good chance SSP will debut high in its categories (it’s all about the algorithms), thus generating more attention and giving us a leg up(!) as a top seller.  Yippee!

And one more thing — if you want me to pawdograph your book once you receive it, just let me know and we’ll make it happen.  You can always contact me at

Lina, Prolific Pup




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