Fall Fun and Fallout

Dear Readers,

We’ve had an eventful October.  Not only was my new book, Sit Stay Pray, released, but Momma has gone on two trips (budget, Momma?) and I have been in the expert care of Dr. Becca and having a blast with my BFF, Winnie.  This is what friendship and love looks like:

And this is what fun looks like:

It has not all been peaches and cream (or even doggie treats), of course, and we’ve hit a few bumps in the road.  For example, I had a couple of accidents on the bed and couch when Momma was away (what is one to expect with all the comings and goings?).  Also, I may have used Winnie’s bed on occasion and flirted with her boyfriend, Spike (on the right below).  While Dr. Becca – and Winnie – took it all in stride, Momma was a little upset with my impawrfections.

In fact, she texted specific instructions to Becca before she left on her most recent trip:  “Please tell Lina no flirting with Spike (distrusted by Momma because of his motorcycle-like sounding name) this week, no stealing of Winnie’s bed, and NO peeing on the couch.”  When Becca later responded that there were no problems so far, Momma replied, “Well, don’t be scared to tell the little Aussie to mind her Pee and Qs!”  Don’t tell Momma, but I saw Becca roll her eyes.

But back to Momma’s trips.  The first was a lengthy overseas journey to Italy and Croatia.  The trip was made even longer when the Paris to Chicago leg of her flight home was diverted to Shannon, Ireland because of an unclaimed cell phone on board.  Momma’s first thought upon hearing news of the diversion:  I only wish I was going there for golf.  Mine:  I wonder if Momma caused some sort of fracas on the plane over President Trump.

Anyway, she made it home safely (although a day late!) and is now frolicking in Florida with girlfriends for a few more days of decadence – shopping, wining and dining, golfing, spending time at the pool and walking the beach.

The other morning, she went for an early morning walk and soon crossed paths with former House Speaker John Boehner (R).  Normally, she would be fawning all over him and asking for a picture, but she suddenly remembered she was mad at him and marched right on by.

Like me, you probably don’t care why, but I’ll tell you anyway.  It seems that last winter Momma had (incredibly!) asked the Speaker for an endorsement of Sit Stay Pray.  Thinking he may enjoy the political undercurrents running through the book, she dropped off a sample of SSP at his building.  Almost needless to woof, she did not hear back.  For the record, next time I’m going to ask my hero, OAC.  I know that she can be counted on to support the underdog (me).  Just woofin’.

So bottom line, Momma was officially mad at the esteemed Speaker and snubbed him at the beach that morning.  That’ll teach him, she thought.  I just hope he’s gotten over it by now.

Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy my stable and fun environment with Becca and Winnie.  Luckily, Momma will not be home for Howl-oween so I may dress up as a biker chick – just in case I run into Spike!

Lina, Boo!


Pawscript:  Did you know that October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month?





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