Boutique Blast!

Dear Readers,

Well guess what – third time’s the charm!  This was Momma’s and my third time selling Lina Unleashed (and this time also Sit Stay Pray and assorted note cards) at the Olympic Hills Holiday Boutique and it was the best event yet.

Momma’s friend (and breeder of famous keeshond show dogs), Susan, helped her care for me and it went swimmingly.  Momma even remembered to bring along a little bed and water dish this time which made all the difference.  We sold lots of books, I visited with old friends and made some new ones, too.  Here I am with Rudy and Brett – both from Olympic Hills, with Susan and Momma and with Sharon (momma of Charlie who I have a big crush on).  It was a blast!

Lina, Schmoozer!


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