Crisis and Update

Greetings Loyal Readers,

In light of all that’s going on with COVID-19, I want to give you a big woof-out to try stay safe and well, and let you know that Momma and I are just fine.  In fact, life for us has required only a few adjustments in this strange new world.  (I am often quarantined against my will anyway, but when I’m out and about, you can pet away — no social distancing necessary for doggies.  Momma has – amazingly – limited her activities and puts a healthy distance between herself and her fellow humans when she does.)

One thing about this phenomenon, however, is really puzzling for Momma.  What is the big deal with toilet paper?  She has even Googled it:  “Why are people buying so much toilet paper?”  Has she missed the boat on hoarding it and thus saving our lives?  Should she be lurking outside the door of Publix to grab a few rolls when it next opens?  And, by the same token, should she be stocking up on poop bags for me?  She thinks not — the world may be crazy, but she is not.

Moving right along, I thought I’d take your mind off the problems at paw with a little update of our pre-crisis activities.  Momma and I had a great book event with the Women’s Cultural Alliance in early March.  It was well attended, the audience was engaged, and we sold several books — both Unleashed and SSP.  Momma and her friend, Cathy, hosted the event (Cathy kinda filled in for me as Momma’s support person since the venue barred dogs from attending — even though we now know that I would probably have been the safest being in the room!).  I did get to meet several of the attendees at the door, however, and the women seemed excited to meet the real author.

Momma’s cousin, Janet, who I adore, helped out with setting up and minded me during the meeting.  Momma was pawrticularily thrilled when the chair of the group, Lenore, told her that she would try schedule a bigger event next year!  Here are a couple of photos of our little group.

The next day Janet, Momma and I made the familiar trek to Naples.  First, they dropped me off at Ruffgers so they could shop and dine and hobnob unencumbered.  After a little shopping on Fifth Ave., they lunched at Minnesota-based Campiello which was right next to Momma’s favorite shop — BRUNO!  Momma, never missing a marketing opportunity, stopped in to check on book sales and flirt with Bruno himself.  Here he is with some of the most popular items in his store!


From there Momma and Janet returned to Ruffgers so Janet could watch me train.  Although I was tired from all the socializing I did at day care that morning, I still managed to pull off a pretty good run with Gigi!

And so it goes.  Momma and I are taking this virus crisis seriously and one day at a time, and hoping you, dear readers, are taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy.  If you need any good reading material while hunkering down at home, I know of a couple good books you might like.

Lina, So Far Surviving and Thriving



2 thoughts on “Crisis and Update

  1. Well Lina, as usual, I enjoyed your update on your and your Momma’s recent activities! The Cruz household is lying low due to the current virus situation!! Sure hope and pray that this horrendous sickness ends soon!! Hope you both stay well!!
    Your friend Cruz and his Mommy


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