Captive Audience & Time to Go

Dear Readers,

Okay – I’m going to be honest.  Most of you are stuck at home with nothing better to do than watch me practice my agility training, so for your viewing pleasure, I’ve attached some videos and photos of my latest romps at Ruffgers.  And really, can’t we all use a little entertainment right now?

I continue to learn and improve, and have even conquered the teeter totter and the weave poles!  My trainer, Gigi, who has two doggos of her own — Chewy and Ringo, said that I “rock.”  See — based on that alone, you should be glued to your seats with a big bowl of popcorn waiting to watch the show.  Now sit, stay and enjoy!

Let’s start out with a little trick — Momma calls this “tall,” and Gigi calls it “dance!”

And here I am running the course with Gigi:

And whipping through six weave poles (the amount used in competitions with novice dogs) with Gigi!  Note she called me a “superstar!”  Life just doesn’t get any better!

And then twelve (used with more advanced dogs)!  Okay, now I’m just showing off.

And mastering the teeter with Momma.  That’s Momma in the mask.

At the end of our session, Gigi officially pronounced me #1!


Well, that does it folks — my home movie/slide show is complete, and so is our stay in Florida.  Governor DeSantis has just issued a statewide stay-at-home order, and Momma has decided it’s time to pull up stakes and fly home to Minnesota.

Here I am after our last session saying goodbye to Gigi.


And speaking of masks, Gigi gave Momma and me each one for the trip home:  who do you think wore it better?  (And before you get upset, Momma has already given my mask to (another) elderly human.)


See, that took your mind off our troubles for awhile, did it not?  Thanks for being such good humans and watching my show.  And may you and your animal companions stay safe and well.

Lina, It’s Been a Good Run




5 thoughts on “Captive Audience & Time to Go

  1. Well Lina, I must say that I am very impressed!! Your trainer, Gigi is a very good teacher! Are you going to continue training in Minnesota when you get home? Next thing I know, we will be seeing you at the Westminster Competition!! Thanks for sharing your action videos!! My very favorite was the first one and that looked like dancing to me!! And darn good dancing, I might add!
    Lina, you and your Momma have a safe trip home and stay healthy! Look forward to getting together when you come back to Paradise and hopefully all of this sickness will be a thing of the past!!! Have a Happy Easter and a wonderful summer!!
    Your friends ,
    Cutey Cruz and his Mommy

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  2. Robin, I did reply – don’t know where it went?? I loved the pics! Lina is doing so well, loved the first one best! She dances so cute!! You have a safe and fun summer ! Hope we are back to normal in the near future but I don’t know?? See you both in the fall when tot return to Paradise!!
    Lana & Cruz

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