Quarantine Update

Dear Readers,

I hope you and your friends and family are staying safe and sound during this horrible pandemic.  At the moment, Momma and I are healthy and staying busy and trying to obey Governor Walz’s #StayHomeMN order.

When Momma must venture out for food, she has — at least up to now — worn her mask and gloves and stood on the big blue spots on the floor of the store to accurately distance herself from others.  She doesn’t really know why she wears the gloves, by the way, because she touches the bags and food and packaging anyway when she gets home.  Couldn’t she just wash her hands before and after she goes into the store, she wonders?  I can tell Momma is getting a little skeptical about this whole thing.  Just woofin’.

Nevertheless, she really is trying to comply with non-essential travel restrictions, and stay at home (although I don’t think her trip today to Dick’s Sporting Goods in a distant suburb to pick up a new golf push cart would pass muster).  Nor did she wear a mask to the wine store on her last trip.  I watch her pretty closely and can tell there are cracks in her resolve to be a good Minnesotan.

So far, though, we’ve managed to pretty much stay home and stay occupied.  Momma has even cleaned the counters many times (“Very important to wipe down surfaces, Lina”), but most household things just aren’t in her wheelhouse like cleaning the oven and re-attaching the chain to the flapper on the toilet.

Also, Momma quickly ruled out suggestions she found in a recent newspaper article of what to do in a quarantine such as “try to speak in pig Latin,” “talk to your plants” and “rearrange your sock drawer” — as ridiculous.  (“I suppose next they’ll suggest we take up macrame, Lina.”)  See what I mean by cracks in the armor?

On the other paw, we do go for long walks, play ball in the yard, kayak and have even built a fire!  Here we are in the backyard.  Please note that the kayak photo, was taken by Margaret, daughter of our good friend and neighbor, Dana.

One night Momma and I even had a Zoom Happy Hour with her law school study group (I know, right?).  I think it goes without woofing that Momma didn’t know how to work Zoom, but I don’t think she ever learned a new “trick” so fast in her life.  Luckily, Michaele, Barb, Kurt and Dave did not mind me joining in on the fun!


I can tell that Momma has just about had it with whole lock down thing, however, and is aching to bust loose.  Even though all the experts (I especially like the scarf-wearing Dr. Birx and the way she always says “next slide please” during her daily update) know that we still need more testing while flattening the curve, Momma — like some of her radical right-wing friends — are thinking about a rebellion.  In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see her at one of the Trump-inspired “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” protests soon.

Oh, and just one last thing — have you ever seen a more perfect card (photo by Sara of Adventure is Barking!) for the times?  How prescient was I?  You let me know if you need any and I’ll give you my special COVID-19 discount!  I think my “There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel” cards might soon be more valuable than toilet paper.  Next slide, please!


Lina, Doing My Part


One thought on “Quarantine Update

  1. Oh my ,

    We are coming home in 6 weeks not sure if that is a good idea, but jim must make up his mind and then we will head back. I don’t have a choice.

    It is prettier here and a loveLy view, but jim has made up his mind so I guess I have to go. Is OH. Open so you can still golf? That will be a plus. Call you when I get home. Love nicci


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