#IBPABens Ceremony

Dear Readers,

Well, the time for the Independent Book Publisher Association Benjamin Franklin Awards (#IBPABens) Program is fast approaching.  As many of you may remember, #SitStayPray has already been given a silver award for being chosen a finalist in the humor category, and is hoping for a gold during the presentation tomorrow night.

This year the show will be a “Shelter-in-Place” online presentation and there will be, much to Momma’s disappointment, no gala dinner and ceremony in a fabulous destination such as Redondo Beach.  She is actually just crushed that she will not have the chance to fly all the way to California (hopefully with the real author in tow), the land of swimming pools and movie stars, and “doll up” for a big night out and the #IBPABens.  Sounds a bit Beverly Hillbilly, doesn’t it?

Anyway, instead of gazing out at the ocean, Momma and I will be sitting in front of my iPad in our grubs doing our best to log on and stay tuned in.  Luckily, we’ve already submitted a video of our award “acceptance” speech as required, so no one will be subject to what Momma looks like these days.  On a positive note, I did see that my name was included in the email invitation to join the ceremony and use the #IBPABens hashtag in all of our social media posts.  Oh and we’re supposed to include a photo, so I’ll toss one in at the end.

Momma and I hope you will send your good wishes and prayers our way.  And, as always, thanks for your loyal readership!

Lina, Hopeful and Thankful



Momma and me at a Book Pawdographing this year.  #IBPABens hopeful!


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