The 4th of July and a New Leash on Life

Dear Readers,

Happy 4th of July greetings from my outdoor satellite office where I will be bringing you today’s briefing!  Here I am in my (way too big but Momma tries) patriotic scarf.  Nice, no?

B9D66A73-FFFA-4DCF-BECA-510F31AE41BCAs you can probably tell, this year I really am excited for America’s birthday.  Why you may ask?  I’m sure some of you remember how I have been forced in the past to stay at home with Momma and endure the mind-blowing 4th of July fireworks which are shot off practically from our own back yard?

Well things are different this year.  While Momma and her friends will be partying it up on the lake, having their hearing (and probably eyesight) destroyed by the fireworks, I’ll be relaxing in the lap of luxury at the ultra-quiet Camp Bow Wow in Eden Prairie (it even sounds like paradise).  How did this come about?

Well, Momma doesn’t know it yet, but Manager Scott has booked me into a luxury suite at the Camp over the Fourth this year.  In addition to the normal amenities one would expect in their regular cabins including a fleece blanket and a campfire treat before bed, I will be enjoying an extra large bed, lights which dim, an individual ventilation system to ensure the perfect temperature, and my own flat screen TV!  Can you stand it? I’ll probably be watching DogTV all night long!

I’ve also signed up for some of their Individual Enrichment extras including one-on-one play time, one-on-one snuggle time and one-on-one brain games (not that I need those, but why not?). I will even have a private 24 hour web cam, should Momma ever think to look in on me.  Then when I awake on the 5th, I’ll be served breakfast in the peace and quiet of my private suite.  Woo hoo!  If Momma finds out, I know she’ll want to stay here, too, but I’ll woof no!  I need a little “me” time.

Have I woofed how much I love Bow Wow?  Here I am relaxing on the bridge with some of my buddies and enjoying another Spaw Day last week at the Camp.  I wonder if they take full time residents.

But back to my greeting and America’s birthday — I hope you all have a wonderful time (remember those ear plugs!) and that your holiday is as relaxing and fun as mine!

Lina, Celebrating in the Lap of Luxury


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