Muskie Madness & July 4th Wrap Up

Dear Readers,

Well, I guess this was not just another fish story.  I was hoping the Muskie crisis (how many more can we stand in one summer?) was over, but if anything it has gotten worse.  Momma has curtailed her boarding, and when she goes (she has me self-isolating in the house) she keeps a sharp eye out for another Muskie rearing its ugly head.  In fact, I often see her gazing out at the lake from our living room as though she were looking for the Crystal Lake version of the Loch Ness monster.

Momma is being extra careful because we now have more proof that we are in the middle of a Muskie pandemic.  The other day we received two photos of our neighbor, Dave (he lives a mere six doors away), holding humongous Muskies he recently caught (and released!) According to his wife, Kelly, Dave caught the first one right in back of their house, and the second in another part of lake (Momma sure wishes she knew where because, as we all know, fish always stay in the same spot.  Momma also wishes she knew why Dave is missing a shoe.)

On another front, our 4th of July celebration is over, and I’m told the fireworks were the best ever.  Momma had Talla and Tammy’s families over for boarding and kayaking and pontooning in the afternoon (she wisely did not bring up the Muskie tail with the little children).  Then a group of friends came over to partake in some Fourth Fun including the fearsome fireworks!  The fab photos below were taken by Tammy’s husband, Paul.  (You may have seen them before on Facebook, but I want to save them for pawsterity on my blog!)

Meanwhile I was safely ensconced in my private suite at Camp Bow Wow.  Here I am watching my very own flat screen TV.  Don’t tell Momma (or she won’t let me come back), but I was watching CNN to find out what is actually happening in the world.


Just lapping it up!

Lina, Staying Safe & Informed!



2 thoughts on “Muskie Madness & July 4th Wrap Up

  1. Fireworks were beautiful!! We did not have fireworks this year on Marco!! Sure missed sitting on the balcony with all of the boats out in the water and watching our beautiful fireworks!! It’s like living in the Twilight Zone!! Everyone walking around with masks! Our history going to hell! What’s next?
    Well you guys be careful out on your Lake! Watch out for a those big Muskies! Is this the first year that you have seen them?? Wouldn’t get me on a paddle boat!! Stay safe – miss you guys!!


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