Lucky Seven

On Friday, I turned seven or ruffly forty-nine in dog years. Momma thinks I have officially reached maturity (and it’s a good thing — someone has to be the adult after all). I know exactly where to go potty in our yard, and poop and pee almost on command. I no longer resist Momma’s exuberant hugs and kisses when she comes home. I simply give in, because I know there’s no getting away from it. I have also learned that I must sit by my dish and wait for her to say, “okay” before diving in for food (see picture below). When we are going somewhere, I help her by jumping up as she lifts me into my car seat. When we go boarding, I scamper down to the board, hop on and wait for her. She has trained me well.

I have also trained Momma well. She must give me a treat or two before leaving the house. She must take a ball or frisbee with us when I go out to potty during the day. She must share her popcorn with me. She must take me along on the paddle board and pontoon. She mustn’t make me go in the water. And she must get up when I wake her promptly at 6:00 a.m. every day. One might woof that Momma and I are finally simpawtico in our routines.

For my birthday this year, she stayed home (golf was cancelled due to weather), and “dedicated” her day to me. “Today we will celebrate your birthday organically, Lina,” she proclaimed, which meant she hadn’t planned anything or bought me a gift. Just woofin’. But, I have to give her credit — she did her best to quickly come up with some “homegrown” fun. Some favorite pastimes that we could enjoy together. Here I am playing frisbee, on a walk, licking my chops, ready for a “spa time,” waiting for the dinner command, and taking a rest. Momma was busy snapping away so I could post all of our mindful activities.

Last minute, Momma went to Petsmart and snagged some treats and an oversized plastic doughnut as my birthday gift (not quite organic, but whatever). It’s too big for me to pick up and squeaks so insanely loud that it terrifies me. Other than that, it’s the perfect toy. Plus, I’ve already re-gifted it.

On sale, right?

Don’t get me wrong, Momma and I had a great time together doing simple things. Priceless.

Lina, All Grown Up!


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