In my safe space & Momma hits turbulence

Dear Readers,

Momma and I came back to Minni the day before Easter, just in time for a little Christmas-like snowfall. Despite the conditions, we were happy to be home again — Momma because she had to regroup for a girlfriends’ weekend in Atlanta, and me because I got to stay with Nanny and Uncle Tom and family. Here are pics of me enjoying time with their granddaughter, Delaney, and waiting for Tom to come home. As you can tell, I really am in my safe space at Nanny’s house — no drama or unnecessary vet visits there!

With me safely placed in Nanny’s hands, Momma headed off to the airport the next morning. And not surprisingly, she ran into a couple pockets of ruff air.

Upon arrival at MSP, she observed a long line of pilots marching around carrying protest signs. She was riveted — number one because she was curious about the protest, and number two, because she couldn’t tear her eyes off the (mostly) men in uniform.

Momma decided a picture was in order, but as soon as she pulled out her phone, she was approached by a reporter and cameraman from KARE 11 TV who wanted to interview her about the pilots’ protesting work schedules and safety. Before she could extricate herself, they asked a couple of leading questions, like, you want to have your pilots get enough rest to fly safely, don’t you? Momma, not a fan of the mainstream media anyway and not wanting to answer their inane question — who wouldn’t want to fly safely? — simply blurted out “safety first,” and high-tailed it into the terminal. God, she hoped that ridiculous comment would not be on the evening news.

Once she was safely ensconced at the Delta SkyClub, Momma had some bubbly to calm her nerves and surreptitiously packed a lunch for the flight. As she was leaving, hurrying by now to catch her flight, a man driving a special needs cart asked her if she would like a ride to the gate. Say what? Momma was incredulous that he would think she needed a ride. Okay she wasn’t a spring chicken anymore, but wasn’t she practically prancercising down the concourse? Struggling to maintain her composure and dignity, she responded crisply, “thanks, but I’m just fine walking.” Nevertheless, the accommodating driver agreed to pose for a picture for “my dog’s blog” when she circled back to ask. I’m sure he meets all kinds.

Unfortunately, this incident triggered Momma’s memory of her insurance provider recently suggesting that they do a “wellness visit” at our house to see if she still had all her marbles. Was this intrusiveness to be her new normal? Well, one might wonder, considering her big whoops at the Booth Museum in Georgia. Take a read.

Would someone with all their marbles really ask a sculpture where the Kenny Rogers’ photography exhibit is? See Momma and the “guide” at right. Also, when the person asking an inanimate piece of art realizes the guide is not real, would a competent person continue, “Oh, you’re not real, are you?” Just woofin’.

Maybe I’ll have to circle back (thank you, Jen!) to the insurance company and get them out for an evaluation.

Lina, A new role?


3 thoughts on “In my safe space & Momma hits turbulence

  1. Do keep up with your physicals and wellness programs. You only have one body to live in. I keep busy as I still run my business and work everyday. Stay healthy.


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