The cops, a de-stresser and a lefse sneak peek

Dear Readers,

Well, I’m eight today and Momma and I are still standing so we have cause to celebrate — and bring you up to date on my life!

Here I am paw-ndering my birthday this morning and celebrating with my friends at Camp Bow Wow!

August got off to a rip roaring start when Momma got picked up for speeding on 35W on our way up to the cabin. I don’t know how she did it, but Momma got off with a warning. Maybe it helped that she rolled down my window so the patrolman could view the cute little Aussie in her car seat giving him her most pitiful look. Just woofin’!

Once “Up North,” we went through the usual routine, Momma and I relaxed, she played golf and I got to spend time with my good friends, Dave and Sue. Here I am four-wheeling with them. Yay, freedom!

Momma also brought along my agility training gear and our friend, Karen, shot this short little video of me strutting my stuff. What do you think: does the old girl still have it?

All in all, we had fun, and even managed to escape arrest on the way home.

Then last week, Momma brought me to Jenny Gott of Animal Intuition to do a de-stress from Momma session. Okay, that’s not what it’s really called, but it could be. Jenny actually uses soothing techniques to enhance my wellness and help me live a healthier life. Maybe I’ll live to be as old as Momma! I loved every minute of it. Thank you, Jenny.

During our session, I saw and heard the wheels turning in Momma’s mind. She knew my birthday was coming up. Could she possibly count this as my birthday present? But even Momma knew this was almost fraudulent since Dr. Becca had given me the visit as a gift for Christmas. She would have to think of something else. Maybe she could make a chiropractic appointment with Becca (as shown in photo left)? Which I needed anyway? And call it my gift? She would have to think on it.

Next up was our practice session for the Crystal Lake Lefse Loons annual video. It had to be filmed early this year because it was to take place on our pontoon (and as you may recall, our lake is frozen over nine months out of the year). Here we are ready to roll, except for me because Momma made me stay on the dock with Uncle Ken to keep me out of the way. Don’t worry though, I am officially one of the Lefse Ladies and will play myself in the film. Can you guess the theme?

Stay tuned — it promises to be a good one.

And last but not least, a belated Yappy National Dog Day!

Lina, Cheers!


2 thoughts on “The cops, a de-stresser and a lefse sneak peek

  1. Well, Happy Birthday Lila! Hope you had a nice celebration! Look forward to seeing you and your Momma when you return to Paradise!!


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