The Donkeys, my dog cave and Happy Dog Mom’s Day

Dear Readers,

Donkey Docks put our boat lift and dock in yesterday so it must be summer in Minni. Nate promised to deliver the pontoon as soon as we have a nice day. We are hoping that will be before the 4th of July. As you can see, I’m part of the crew.

It seems that our boat lift system is battery operated now, and needs a trickle charger to give it a boost on occasion. Need I woof, that’s way over Momma’s head. Nate did say we could get a solar panel to charge the lift, an idea Momma immediately rejected as too liberal. Does anyone agree with me here that she is her own worst enemy?

Oh, and by the way, I heard Nate telling Momma that our old dock is falling apart, and that she should think about getting a new one soon. I just hope it’s environmentally friendly. (Momma, looking over my shoulder: “Don’t forget sustainable, Lina.”)

On another front, dog flu has arrived in the Twin Cities, and even though our day care provider has no confirmed cases, Momma is keeping me under wraps when she is off golfing. Here I am in my dog cave (and much as I am opposed to gated communities on principle, I must admit I like this one.) Luckily, I even have a window so I can keep an eye out for snapping turtles, muskrats and pirates in our back yard.

Finally, I want to wish Momma a Happy Dog Mom’s Day. I can hardly believe we’ve had almost nine scary . . . er. . . wonderful years together! Sending loving face licks your way, Momma!

Photo greeting compliments of my chiro and Winnie’s momma, Dr. Becca

Lina, Covering all my bases!


4 thoughts on “The Donkeys, my dog cave and Happy Dog Mom’s Day

  1. Always interesting!!
    Was sorry to hear that you had left the Sunshine State and headed North! See you next Season!


  2. Lina says thanks for your positive comment on her blog. Had to leave for north a little early for a doc appt and for a trip overseas. You take care and we’ll see you next season. Hugs to Cruz!


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