The Budget

When I met Momma, one of the first words out of her mouth was budget.  Seems she’d overspent and was thinking that she needed to cut back.  I have since learned that Momma really can’t – or won’t – cut back on herself so she must find other ways to reduce spending – like on me.

Case in point:  When she picked me up in Florida – did she come with a carrier (required by the airlines), collar, leash, toy, or even a treat?  She did not.  I still cannot believe the breeder let me leave with her.  The poor woman was concerned though and threw in a bag of treats and a little blanket just so I’d have something to lie on in the car for our trip to Momma’s friend’s place in Sarasota.  I did notice right off the bat, however, that Momma was dressed to the nines – no scrimping there.  By the way, shouldn’t I have been restrained in the car with some kind of harness or at least been placed in the backseat to avoid an airbag injury?

I may not have made it through the trip had it not been for Momma’s friend, Rachel.  Not only did she have dog food and water, she also had a travel carrier for my trip home to Minni!  I could tell Momma was disappointed with it though by the way she keep looking at the case.  It was chewed up in a few spots and the zipper was broken.  I also noticed that she set pretended it wasn’t hers at the Tampa SkyClub where we had to stop to so she could have wine.  Speaking of SkyClub – I wonder how that fits into her budget.

Well the term budget might not apply to Momma, but it sure applies to me.  I am only allowed to shop at low end pet stores and then may only buy items on clearance.  You should see my coat – not only is it too big, but it is also blue.  Hello??  I’m a girl.

My ratty oversized BLUE coat.

In my ratty oversized BLUE coat

Momma did stop at Bone Adventure in Edina (if you are not from Minni, that is the swankiest suburb in the Twin Cities) once to ostensibly “shop” for a coat for me, but she came home empty-handed – if I don’t count the bags she was carrying from Nordstrom.

Momma likes to point out that she got me a new outfit for Christmas, but is a collar really an outfit?  Plus, it was so small and chintzy I think it was meant for a cat.  And a boy cat at that – it had a bow tie attached.


In my male cat Christmas outfit

Momma says not to complain, we’re going to her condo in Florida and that can be my Christmas present.  I am going to ask her to drop me off at Rachel’s in Sarasota.

Lina, Looking for a Paw Out


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