Life In Florida

Amazingly, things are going pretty smoothly in Florida.  Momma is trying – but then I think I have her on the run.  She is worried about all the bad publicity on my Blog.  First she bandied about terms like lawsuit and libel.  She soon dropped all the threats, however, when I informed her that my attorney, Uncle Chuck (more on him later), assured me that Momma had no claim because everything I said about her is true.  Now she’s resorted to bringing me the occasional gift in hopes that her act of kindness will find its way onto my Blog.  Okay – she did buy me a little toy purse on one of her daily shopping trips to Naples.

Life is looking up in other ways, too.  Momma soon discovered that if she has me with her as she wanders around the premises, there is a much greater chance that people will talk to her.  So Momma goes nowhere without me now, especially if there are hunky construction workers around.

One day, the best thing happened – on one of our outings around the building, I met my saving grace – literally – Gracie Fox!  She is a King Charles Spaniel pup and it was love at first sight (“You Had Me At Woof”) with us.  Here we are tussling in the grass one day:


Then through Gracie I met her friend, Halle, and the three of us have become fast friends – we have one or two play dates every day.  Momma even managed to make friends with their mommas, Anne and Carla.  Anne pays special attention to me and sometimes we have play dates at her place when Momma is off “running errands.”

Me with friends, Gracie and Halle

Me with friends, Gracie and Halle

Life is not without its trials, though.  Every morning, after breakfast, Momma and I go for a walk.  (Since I am an Aussie, Momma cleverly refers to it as a “walk-about.”)  The only drawback is that a portion of Momma’s preferred route includes a walk on the beach – a clear violation of local law.  Momma apparently believes that the law does not apply to us, however, because she has dragged me down to the water on numerous occasions in an attempt to force me to swim (another reason she bought me was so she could use me as a prop on her paddle board).  I keep Uncle Chuck’s number handy at times like this.  I fear it will only be a matter of time before Momma and I are arrested.

Me Looking For Cops

Me Looking for Cops

Lina, On The Lam


One thought on “Life In Florida

  1. Chère Nièce Lina,

    Thank you so much for the free publicity! My voice mail was full with new requests for representation, all mentioning your Blog. And don’t forget, if ever stopped by the cops during one of Momma’s illegal sojourns, between licks of the officer’s hand and reproachful looks in Momma’s direction, be sure to mention “abducted” and “Stockholm Syndrome.”

    Uncle Chuck


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