More Vet Visits

Life continues to be good in Florida, with one little exception.  Apparently, I ate something bad because I ended up with a GI problem (code for diarrhea).  After a few days, Momma announced that she couldn’t take it anymore and made an appointment with the vet here.  Clearly, she was hoping for the handsome Dr. Garrison, but we got a wonderful young female doc instead.  I loved Dr. Megan – she was kind and gentle and even pointed out which of my teeth were permanent and which were still my “practice” teeth!  Dr. Megan prescribed some medicine that put me on the road to recovery.

A couple of days later, though, I got sick again and, because it was a Sunday, Momma was forced to bring me to an emergency animal hospital in Naples.  I think the thought of the bill made Momma sick, too.  Anyway, off we went.  Momma was a little grumpy because this was to be her day at the pool with her friend, Donna.  In fact, Donna, always the adult in the room – and frankly a little concerned about me, drove us there.

Things took an unexpected turn, though, when Momma saw the doctor on duty – the yummy Dr. Garny.  Even I have to admit that he could have been one of the Chippendales.

Me and Dr. Garny

Dr. Garny and me

(How does she find these guys??  Is there a website called  Anyway, as you can imagine Momma was very helpful and cooperative and all thoughts of the pool flew out of her head like bats out of the belfry.  She was in no hurry to get home.

The doc, however, had other patients, so he promptly got down to business and looked me over.  He told Momma he couldn’t detect any obstruction in my bowels or other serious problem so he would just hydrate me and give me some pain meds.  When I sensed that Momma was preparing to ask for her own dose of pain meds, I pulled her out the door.

Lina, On The Road To Recovery


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