On The Road Again . . .

After finally making friends in sunny Florida and getting established in a routine there, Momma announced that we were flying home so she could go skiing in Colorado.  I was horrified.  I hadn’t forgotten the bone chilling weather in Minni and freezing my little (phantom) tail off while trying to go potty in a snow bank.  I also did not look forward to being imprisoned in my little airline carrier for several hours.  However, what Momma wants, Momma gets, so off we went.

Things were no different in Minni than our last stay there.  We were greeting with the usual blast of arctic air and a temperature of negative 11 the night we arrived.  My dread of the entire visit soon turned to joy, however, when I learned that the Bs – Dr. Becca and Nanny Becky would care for me in Momma’s absence.  Also, Momma finally broke down and purchased a new pink coat for me.  I’m not sure what she was up to there, but am thinking she was afraid of my next blog post.

In any case, things were looking up.  Momma wrote detailed instructions for Becca regarding my care just as a normal dog owner would.  First on the list was the amount of food I should be allotted each day, including the proportion of wet to dry.  She also instructed that I could have treats “from time to time” if I was good.

My time with Becca and Becky was fantastic.  They played with me, trained and treated me.  Dr. Becca took me with her to work one day at PerPETual Motion and I had a blast with the other animals.  When I was at home during the day, Nanny Becky would stop by and play with me and take me out to go potty.

Things were going really well for everyone until, not surprisingly, Dr. Becca discovered that Momma hadn’t left enough dry food for me.  When Becca finally reached Momma in Vail on Tuesday (she was busy with après ski), her first reaction was:  couldn’t we ration it out a little to make the food last until Friday when she got home?  Becca patiently explained to Momma that she could not and asked what kind of dog food I ate.  Of course Momma did not know, but rattled off some well known brands such as Purina just to get off the hook (literally and figuratively).

Luckily Becca knew of a good pet store nearby so we drove over and found some appropriate, healthy puppy food.  I did have a moment of panic, however, when some employees decided to weigh me for the fun of it.  I hadn’t forgotten Momma’s warning that she didn’t want me to get too big and I was afraid of further cutbacks in food.  (This will explain the look of concern on my face as I’m looking at the readout on the scale.)  Don’t tell Momma that I am now up to 9 pounds!

Me being weighed!

Me being weighed!

Lina, Pretty In Pink


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