It’s All About That Lake

Ever since Momma got me, most of our activities have been geared towards making me a water dog.  And not only does she want me to swim, but also to ride with her on the paddle board and kayak.  I don’t know why that is so important to her, but I think it’s so other boaters will talk to us.

To that end, Momma often dragged me (illegally) down to the roaring gulf in Florida to acclimate me to the sea.  To no avail, however; it was so humungous and loud that it terrified me!  She and a friend also took me to a doggie water park in Bonita Beach where I was nearly trampled by a giant dog.  Needless to say, this did not help in Momma’s crusade to make me swim.

Undaunted, Momma started a new regimen when we got home to Minni.  As soon as the ice was off the lake, she led me down to the shore and started throwing out little sticks for me to retrieve.  I venture out a little ways – but I have my limits – the water was freezing!

Yesterday was a new chapter in our lake life.  Rachel brought CoCoa over for a backyard play date which was, by the way, super fun.  Momma even brought out a couple of toys including a ball and water frisbee.  Soon she was throwing the ball toward the lake, hoping to lure me into the water.  I’m no fool though and refused to chase it.  After one errant toss, the ball went into the lake and floated beyond Momma’s reach.  Momma (who wouldn’t dream of wading into the ice cold water herself) was forced to grab a paddle board and rescue the ball.  I have posted a picture of her in action below.  As she paddled out, she pointed out that the ball had cost her $20.00!  She also pointed out (and I quote), “If you were any kind of dog at all, you would have retrieved the ball!”


Even with her big push to get me wet, until now Momma had not forced me to go out on the lake on one of her questionable vessels.  All that changed yesterday, however, with the arrival of my life jacket in the mail.  Our maiden voyage will be this weekend.  I hope Momma will have both oars in the water.

Me with the dreaded life jacket.

Me wearing the dreaded life jacket.

First Mate Lina

WOOFDA!  (Batten Down The Hatches!)

2 thoughts on “It’s All About That Lake

  1. Chère Nièce Lina,

    Such a prolific writer! Your little paws must be sore from so much typing (perhaps you should soothe them in the cool lake water). As usual, Petites Grandes Oreilles (that’s “Little Big Ears” should Momma be snooping), you write beautifully. I expect a Pawlitzer Prize is in your future.

    Uncle Chuck


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