Dog Days of Summer

As they say in good old Minni, the “dog days of summer” are upon us.  (I told Momma that phrase sounds a little doggist to me and that I’m offended, but she told me to get over it.)  In any case – it’s hot – and we are still lacking an air conditioner.

The big news of the day?  The dreaded Doggles have finally arrived!  Momma was so excited, she was beside herself – she couldn’t wait for me to try them out.  Here I am showing her what I think of them~


Momma persevered though and proudly placed me on her SUP.  As you can probably tell, I am looking around for help~



As cautious as I still am about the water (it didn’t help that Momma “accidentally” dunked my head in the lake the other day), I enjoy my play dates with CoCoa.  Here we are glued to the action as Rachel learns to paddle board:

I am, of course, the one wearing the dorky life jacket.

The other big news of the day?  We are going on a little trip up north – or as Momma cleverly puts it, to “up state” Minnesota – this week!  Momma tells me it is beautiful up there and that it’s where she grew up (grew up?).

I think I’d be a little more excited about the trip if we weren’t headed for another lake (is there no escaping them in this state?), and that means the water dog immersion program will continue.

The other concern – the cabin is practically in Canada and I’ll be confined to my little doggie seat for over 5 hours.  Momma says not to worry, however – the time will go by fast because we’ll be listening to conservative talk radio the entire way.

I showed her what I thought about that and chewed up her elephant pillow!

Lina, Dissident








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