Rough Waters

It has been a tumultuous week with Momma.  It started with her getting a bad cold – I’m thinking it was from our rocky ride to Rachel’s on the SUP.  I also got sick and threw up in my crate (I think it was from some bad dog food Momma fed me – but I have to be careful about my allegations against her).  Unfortunately, some of my stuffed toys in the crate were ruined so Momma was forced to go to the pet store to get some replacements.

Do you see how she is trying to indoctrinate me at every turn?  I can just sense her thinking – you will learn to swim and you will be a Republican.  Also, do you see the clearance tags?

Momma was ostensibly too sick to do anything with me last weekend so Rachel said she would bring CoCoa over to play with me in the backyard.  Talk about a silver lining!  And guess what – without any pushing from Momma – I was able to dog paddle!!  Momma, of course, was watching and finally couldn’t stand it anymore.  She miraculously overcame her illness and rushed outside to take photos – and control.


Later that week, Momma and a group of ladies – and CoCoa! – went out “pontooning.” We had a grand time.  The ladies had coffee and breakfast, and CoCoa and I had doggie snacks and water that Rachel brought.  All was going well until a huge bald eagle (known to snatch up small animals) appeared over the pontoon and began scoping us out.  Momma freaked, wrapped me in her arms and yelled, “Take CoCoa, take CoCoa!”  (Okay, I made that part up cuz I saw it in a movie once, but I know she was thinking it!)

The week ended with a scorcher.  We have been living without AC ever since Momma learned the cost of a new unit.  First she got a price from “BigCo,” but ruled them out as scammers (they were the ones who said she needed a new one).  Next she got a local guy from “SmallCo” to come out, thinking she might bully him into a good deal.  However, that didn’t work out either and he left after about 15 minutes of Momma telling him how to diagnose the problem.  Afterwards, Momma – who finally noticed I was panting and my eyes were glazed over- informed me, “Don’t worry, Lina, we can always cool off in the lake.”

I for one am glad that last week is over.

Lina, HotDog


2 thoughts on “Rough Waters

  1. Chère Nièce Lina,

    Open boating with a tiny pup like you on a lake known to be frequented by an eagle? Our suit against Momma gets stronger by the day! Adding Count III – Reckless Endangerment – now.

    Uncle Chuck


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