No sooner had we gotten over the hubbub of my self-serving birthday party, when we hit the road again for another trip “up north.”  This time we were accompanied by the daughters of one of Momma’s ex-husbands – Tammy and Talla.  As usual with Momma’s friends and relatives, they took over my care for the trip.

Momma was happy the girls came along because it gave her a chance to pick their brains (and not just about their father’s love life).  She wanted them to explain to her what hashtag meant.  That was all she ever heard or read about these days.  Hashtag this, hashtag that.  Scared of being left behind, Momma wanted to learn what it was all about so she could stay relevant – and one presumes, sound cool.

After a futile attempt to explain it to her, the girls finally gave up.  Momma’s eyes were glazed over and she still didn’t know the difference between a hashtag and a dogtag.  Nevertheless, “hashtag” stuck in her brain and she couldn’t stop saying it.  Every.  Sentence.  Began.  With.  Hashtag.  Like #canyoudrivealittlefaster, #Linaneedstogopotty, and #didwebringwine.  I don’t know who was happiest when we finally arrived at the cabin, #butIthinkitwasme.

Just like last time, I had a blast up north and Tammy and Talla were great.  They extricated me from my crate in the morning and took me out to go potty while Momma slept in.  (Momma wouldn’t let them feed me though because she is strictly monitoring my food ever since I had an extra treat at my party.)  (#youareonadiet.)

Tammy and Talla also thought up neat things for me to do with them – and they could make anything fun.  For example, one day we played canoe with an old dead tree that had blown down.  I’m just surprised Momma didn’t make us put it in the lake.

Talla, Tammy and me in our "canoe"

Talla, Tammy and me in our “canoe”

The only down side to our trip was the weather.  It was about 100 degrees every day with no breeze.  It was so hot, I actually went in the lake on my own freewill.  I thought this was a great example of global warming, but I didn’t dare say that to Momma.  I know that I would get her standard response:  “It’s called weather, Lina.”

Me in the lake!

Me cooling off!

Even though Momma doesn’t subscribe to the global warming theory, she does like to point out how “green” we are because we cool off in the lake rather that in air conditioning (basically because we don’t have air conditioning at the cabin, but don’t bother Momma with the facts).

Despite the blistering heat, Momma insisted that we have a fire everyday (#letsbuildafire) – she said it was tradition and plus we could make s’mores later!  So we all pitched in and built fires, raising the temperature in the yard by at least 10 degrees.

Here I am helping with the fire and lying under the glider, glued to the cool earth trying to get some relief from the heat~

I think everyone was relieved when it was time to go home. Momma seemed to forget all about being “green,” and turned on the AC full blast!  I definitely know who was happiest to be on the road again.  #itwasme!

@Lina, (Hashtag) Happy Hound



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