Trying To Turn The Page

As summer winds down, and Momma’s outdoor activities cur”tail,” she has decided that it was time to step up our efforts to bring my Blog to the next level.  She still views it as a vehicle to pay for her dog-related expenses (limited as they are).  Consequently, she decided we must “bone” up on how to modernize the site and get more publicity.  And she knew just the book to help us with our strategy – Blogging for Dummies.  (“I know it’s beneath us, Lina, but desperate times call for desperate measures.”)


Me doing some preliminary research . . .

When the book arrived Momma flipped through the Table of Contents, trying to pick out the parts on which we should focus.  She quickly decided to skip many topics such as “Setting Up Your Blog” and “Creating Great Content” since in her mind we had mastered them already.  This was going to be a breeze she thought.  Maybe she would even help me write a book called Blogging for Smarties!

She soon hit a snag, though, when she came across chapters with words she didn’t understand like Tumblr, Squarespace and Vlogging.  Maybe we didn’t know everything there was to know about blogging just yet.  Momma was in a hurry to get to the part of the book on making money, though, so she decided to skip some of the more technical chapters for now.

Next she came upon the part of the book on marketing and promoting.  This was it she thought – this would be the key to instant success!  She soon reached another dead end, though when she read that marketing involved more things she knew nothing about – like RSS and Twitterverse.  How could this book be for dummies???

Skipping ahead again (she really had no choice), Momma finally hit paydirt when she got to the section called “Getting Paid to Post.”  Now we’re cooking, she thought.  Her excitement was short-lived, however when she saw she would have to read about 100 pages and research new terms and sites like MediaWhiz and SiteScout.  And there was that term again – RSS!  Oh, and pawdcasting, er… podcasting.  At this point Momma knew she was “licked” and put the book away.

So that’s where we stand at the time this goes to press – still stuck in the stone age.  In the meantime, I hope you will spread the word about my Blog – and keep your paws crossed that someday someone will miraculously decide to buy some ad space from us.

Lina, Research Assistant



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