Trickle Down Update

This morning Momma discovered to her dismay that she was out of K-Cups for her coffee maker.  Thus, she decided she would have to venture out to get her required caffeine fix.  She also decided that we would stop at the local pet salon on the way and get my nails clipped (compliments of Nanny).  This went well and the ladies even trimmed the matted fur by my ears.  (Ahem!)


After my “grooming” visit, we were off to get coffee.  That was not as easy as it might sound.  We couldn’t go to the nearest coffee shop because she was boycotting it.  She felt she must make a statement due to the company’s politically correct policies and practices with which she did not agree.  Momma was really on her high horse about this.  (“We’re going to hit them where it hurts, Lina – in the pocket book!”)

She really needed a cup of coffee though and had already equivocated, deciding that buying just one cup from them wouldn’t be a huge breach of her boycott – or make much of a difference to them.  However, she really needed the K-Cups, too – and that was more of a major purchase – and a boost to the company bottom line.  She decided to stick to her guns and go somewhere else.

Just then, though, Momma remembered that this PC company did give away a great doggie treat – and that the doggie treat was FREE!  Now Momma was facing a really big dilemma – should she stand on principle or get a free treat for me (a dream come true for her)?

As we sped into their drive-through lane, I was already licking my chops.



Lina, One Happy Pup!


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