First Anniversary Issue

Shortly after Momma got me, I began to suspect that my life as a dog was, to put it mildly, not typical.  It seemed like Momma had good intentions but lacked common sense when it came to doggie parenting and we consequently suffered through one calamity after another.

In fact, our little misadventures were so fur-raising that I thought others should be aware of what was going on and decided to start my Blog.  (A pet in my predicament never knows when she might need incriminating evidence or even a foster home.)  Luckily though Momma and I are still hobbling along – although not without drama.

For example, take my last unnecessary trip to the vet.  Momma made me swear on a stack of “how to blog” books that I would never tell what the latest visit was for, but I’ll give you a hint – what Momma thought was the cause of a (non-existent) intestinal blockage was really just my tailbone.  This visit was so humiliating for her that she swears she’ll never go  back.  Never mind that I may actually need to see a vet at some point.

Anyway, to celebrate one year of staying alive, er . . . enjoying life with Momma, I have included a little movie for your viewing pleasure.  It begins with my idyllic, sunny life in Florida, only to be hijacked to winter in Minnesota and all the tumult that followed.

Thanks for watching and for reading!

Lina, Producer


Pawscript:  Don’t tell Momma I said this, but maybe it hasn’t been all bad.