New Furry Friends

Even though (or maybe because?) Momma was gone for a good chunk of the spring on her whirlwind trip, I have been having a great time.  Besides getting to spend time with my favorites, Dr. Becca and Nanny Becky, I made three new furry friends!

The Foster Dog

I actually met the first one right before Momma left on her trip.  She had been carefully planning her upcoming golf schedule upon her return and was scouting out various doggie daycare facilities in which to place (dump) me.  She finally found one nearby that she thought was acceptable because it had a separate play area for small dogs. Excited, she called to enroll me.

Momma’s excitement turned to exasperation, however, when she was told that she first must bring me in for an “interview.”  She had a change of heart though when she found out that if I “passed” my interview, Momma would be required to leave me (on a complimentary basis!) at the daycare for at least 3 hours to see how I got along with others.  She quickly decided that screening was a good practice after all.

Unfortunately we did have a little stumbling block before my stay when Momma insisted on touring the day care facility.  When we got to the play area, she noticed that one of the dogs was quite large.  Why was he not in the big dog area, Momma wanted to know.  In response to her pointed questioning, the manager, who had been enlisted to help (no surprise there), explained that the dog was a foster/immigrant dog and was a little nervous to be with the big dogs.  Well this got Momma’s attention, but she was of the “big tent” party after all, and decided it was okay to leave me.  Actually I think she finally remembered that she had at least 3 (free!) hours without me, so thought she better take advantage of it – after all, I had to fend for myself at some point, didn’t I?

When Momma came to get me 5 hours later, the staff said I did well and handed her my report card.  Momma was pleased with the report (especially the part about me being a social butterfly) until she got to the notation that one of my best friends was – you guessed it – the big foster dog!!


Shortly after Momma left, I had another nice surprise – Becca adopted a rescue dog!  She is a little wiener dog named Edwina, which Becca had shortened to Winnie – ignoring Momma’s near insistence that the dog be called Eddie.

Winnie is about my size and age and we had a great time together.  I was tickled to have company and helped show Winnie the ropes as she got used to her new life with Becca.  Here are some shots of us getting to know one another!

I also got to see my old friend Reese while Momma was gone.  Here I am at Becky and Uncle Tom’s house spreading the love.


Next I met Annie, a puppy who was recently adopted by Momma’s friends Erik and Cheryl. She is a lab and shelty mix and is also a rescue dog.  She is just a little bigger than me and we have quite the time chasing each other around the yard!  She is a sweetheart.


Erik and Annie

I got to know Annie when Becky took me on a walk with her and Cheryl, and again when she came over for a play date.  Erik also brought over a new paddle board and Momma had grandiose plans for us all to go out on the water together – never mind that Annie had never even seen a lake before and the fact that I’m not a huge fan.

Luckily it was too windy so we went out on the pontoon instead.  That would have been fun had I not been all “decked” out in my pointless protective gear.  Really, what were the chances I’d end up in the water?  (Plus I can probably swim.)  On the other paw, Annie was able to stay cool – and see – so she got to enjoy her first boat ride.

I am so looking forward to summer and more play dates.  I know this is very cliche, but all of a sudden I have more friends than I can shake a stick at.  🙂

Lina, Social Butterfly


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