It’s a Jungle Out There!

I don’t know what’s going on, but my world just got a whole lot scarier.  I have never seen more wildlife (and I’m not just talking about Momma’s behavior), at “The Point” than this year.  Is it because we are gone so much that the critters think they own the place?  Or global warming?  (Momma:  “Don’t be ridiculous, Lina.”)  In any case, I’m not happy and neither is Momma.

The Geese

First of all, our place is overrun with geese.  They are everywhere!

And they honk and growl.  I’m not kidding you – Google it.  One day I was trying to go potty “outback” (like all good Aussies) by the lake, but the geese were making such a ruckus that Momma, concerned for our safety, took me to the front yard.  Guess what?


There were also two humongous honkers glaring at us over there.  They have even been known to station themselves on top of our house.

Momma and I were cowed – and I imagine they will be next – for awhile, but finally Momma decided she had had enough.  (“I will not be held hostage in my own house by some wild geese, Lina.”)  Battle ready, she marched right down to the lake, pulled the paddle board into the water and hopped on.  The usual giant five geese – Momma had come to think of them as our very own “Big Five” as though we were on safari – were circling, but Momma charged right into their midst.


As you might expect, the geese took flight – I’m thinking they recognized a crazy person when they saw oneIMG_0254.  A few days later, Lori, a friend who Momma thinks is always trying to upstage her, calmly paddled by the end of our point and found their nest.  Momma, who wouldn’t dream of getting close to a goose nest, retorted smartly, “Oh, yes, I see those every year.”

The Foxes

The geese were the noisiest of our visitors, but not the most unsettling.  That award goes to the foxes.  Now I know that they allegedly don’t attack little dogs, but what if they are starving?  Or deranged?  Or cornered?  Just like Fox News, I don’t trust them.

Actually the fox was the first animal we spotted (on the lake and on our back yard) upon our return from Florida in April.  And when you see these pictures you’ll know why you shouldn’t be in Minni in April –

Several weeks later, when the snow had finally melted and we had let our guard down (Momma was pretty sure the only way a fox could get to our house was via the frozen lake – go figure), one appeared out of nowhere on our deck.  Momma captured a few shots as the fox strolled around and jumped into the yard.

I have to admit the audacity of this fox unnerved us.  We were beginning to feel unsafe everywhere – especially after we saw the BIG GRAY CAT FROM HELL on our front step the next day.  Momma tried to act brave after that when taking me out, but I wasn’t fooled.  And I really didn’t think that her yelling “scram” to scare off the animals struck terror in their hearts.  But what was I going to do – go potty in the house?  (Momma:  “No comment, Lina.”)

The Eagles  

It doesn’t end with geese and fox and the big gray cat either.  Our resident eagles are back where, as usual, they are (I’m pretty sure) keeping an eagle eye out for me.  I’m wondering – would it kill us to stay off the board when they’re around?



The Bear!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.  While Momma and I were up at the cabin this past weekend, we received a text from Nanny Becky saying that a bear had been sighted a couple miles north of our house.  Here are the photos from the Burnsville police advisory.  Police advisory?

After this new horrific development, we were a little apprehensive about returning home.  In fact, Momma even thought briefly about moving, but then she had a better idea.  This morning she ordered an “alarm” bell from Amazon, “perfect for those that are bed ridden or need help.”  I feel a lot safer now.

LINA, Bear Bait?





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