Turtle Trouble

I don’t know how much more of this wildlife – and Momma’s hysteria – I can take.  Already this spring we have been terrorized (or bullied as I prefer to call it) by geese, fox, eagles and reports of a giant bear.  Last week we had a new visitor – a snapping turtle!

The appearance of the turtle in itself was not so bad, but as is often the case with us, it turned into quite the debacle.  We first saw the turtle in the morning, hunkered down in the middle of our backyard.  I went over to check it out, but stopped when Momma screamed (the thing was huge! and ugly!) and ordered me to get away.  She scooped me up and took me to the front yard so I could go about my business.

Momma suspected the creature was a snapping turtle, so she trekked outback again (without the little Aussie) and “snapped” a picture –


Then she went back in the house and Googled “turtle with a long spiky tail” and “turtle with a ridged shell.”  Based on her research she determined it was indeed a snapper and could be dangerous.  Now she could tell her friends all about it.

Later, in the afternoon, Momma took me outside for a little ball playtime.  Here I am with my big orange ball on my way to the backyard!


By now, Momma’s mind was on other things like her social life, so she momentarily forgot about the giant prehistoric creature in our yard.  On our way back to the house, I was in the lead, as usual (big ball in my mouth), and Momma stopped to do a little weeding along the path.  (She fancies herself a gardener because she picks a couple of weeds each day.)  Just as she was about to pull that second weed, Momma realized to her horror that her hand was right next to the giant snapper!


As you can imagine, she nearly fainted.  She screamed and stumbled backwards, falling over right next to the giant turtle.  Luckily, I was so frightened by the commotion that I stood frozen in place – and away from harm – and watched as Momma struggled wildly to get back on her feet.

Finally, having determined that she wasn’t missing any digits and that the turtle wasn’t chasing us (it was still busy laying eggs), Momma picked up my ball and led me back to the safety of the house.  Although she was quite shaken by her close encounter with the snapper, she seemed to recover rather quickly (I think the wine may have helped – just woofin’).  As for me, I am pretty sure I’m suffering from PSTD (Paws Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Lina, Still in Shock



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