“Lina Unleashed” Named INDIE Winner!

The results are in:  On June 15, Lina Unleashed was named a Foreword INDIES bronze award winner for 2017!  I am tail-wagging happy and want to personally woof out a big thank you to the folks at Foreword INDIES!  Momma, however, is secretly a little down in the dumps, thinking I deserved gold or silver.  She is so competitive, whereas I would have been happy with a pawrticipation trophy – that way everyone could be a winner!  (Momma:  “Woofed like a true Democrat, Lina.”)

Anyway, here I am with my award.  Let the new wave of exploitation, er . . . , marketing begin!

IMG_4786Once again, thanks for keeping up with tumultuous life with Momma – and remember, I’m always happy to personally pawdograph your book!

Lina, Acclaimed Author








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