My Fourth Birthday!

Well, against all odds, I made it through another year and celebrated my fourth birthday yesterday!  “Speaking” of ages, Momma has decided that it’s about time to start lying about mine – just like she does with hers – so I suppose I should have woofed that I’m only three.  It’s hard to keep up.

Anyway, I had a pretty good birthday and got a brand new purse from Nanny Becky.  It is my very own “Kate Spayed.”  I also got a nice card and a birthday cookie from her.  And since it’s been so hot, Momma gave me a “Coolin’ Pet Pad” which is supposed to turn instantly cold when filled with water.  To be honest, I haven’t used it (except when I was forced to sit on it for the photo).  I know Momma means well, but I’m actually scared of the little pad – it’s all squishy and reminds me of being on the dreaded lake.  She also gave me a no-hide beef chew from Chuck and Don’s, which I love!

The only bad part of the day was my visit to the vet.  I have a sore paw and this was the second trip (and the second X-ray) in a week.  The verdict is out on the cause, but one of the little paw pads is quite swollen and very tender to the touch.  Yesterday the vet prescribed an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory/pain killer drug.  Momma is supposed to feed them to me orally via a tiny syringe.  Unfortunately, this morning she missed the mark and squirted the antibiotic on my ear.  (“They are hard to miss, Lina!”)  I probably won’t be better anytime soon.

Here are some photos from my big day!


With my Kate Spayed!


Me hiding from the vet – under Momma’s own Kate Spade!

Lina, A Woman of a Certain Age



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