Setting the Bar High!

After a brief break, I have resumed my agility training.  And if I do woof so myself, I’m really killing it.  We continue to train with Sara who has started a new company called Adventure Is Barking!  Her focus is on training dogs outside the classroom environment.  Momma and I noticed on her Facebook page,, that there are even pictures of dogs paddleboarding!  Well, this really caught Momma’s attention – in her (not always rational) mind I practically invented doggie boarding.  She could already picture me as the star of the class and demonstrating how to hang twenty for the beginners.

Here I am waiting for Momma for one of our own barking adventures and with AIB founder, Sara ~

For the last two training sessions, we met Sara at Flying Cloud Dog Park in Eden Prairie.  One day was rainy and one was sunny, but both were bitterly cold.  In case you haven’t heard, we had a really crazy fall here in Minni with off-the-charts low temps, almost continual rain, some snow, and gale force winds – a textbook case of climate change if I’ve ever seen one.  (“Maybe you could get a job at CNN, Lina.”)

Despite the extreme conditions, the training went well and I enjoyed practicing the weave poles, the bar jump, and the training tunnel.  Because this park had equipment I hadn’t used before, we also tried some new stuff like sitting on the Paws Table and transversing the dog walk and frame, all of which were a bit of a yawn for a quick learner like me.  But whatever – I went along with it just to make Sara and Momma happy.  Here I am doing the circuit.

When we were about to leave, Sara informed us that next time we’d go to an indoor park.  She said it’d be more fun for me because that park has more equipment.  Then she added, “And it’s all for fun anyway isn’t it since we’re not training Lina to compete.”

Woof, what?   Momma and I stared at Sara in disbelief.  This was, in fact, exactly what we had in mind.  (I still had my heart set on that blue ribbon at Westminster, and Momma had hers set on the resultant dogfood endorsement – and maybe even a TV show.)

Sara immediately noticed the change in our moods.  She was already beginning to suspect that Momma did not have the tightest grip on reality and now she was beginning to wonder about me, too.  Realizing that she might have a “situation” on her hands, she quickly added, “Or I guess we could.”

Now we’re woofin’!  Westminster, here we come!



Lina, Still Aiming High!



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