Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Exciting news – our local paper, the Sun/ThisWeek, did a story on Momma and me last week!  It’s a nice puff piece about our relationship and the writing of linasdogblog.com and Lina Unleashed.


As you can imagine, this didn’t happen by accident.  Momma had been trying, like forever, to get some ink about my Foreword INDIES 2017 Book of the Year award for Lina Unleashed, to no avail.  Never one to give up, though, she finally made a connection with Editor John Gessner and went to work on him.  (I won’t go into the back story on how this happened, but what is that old saying – “Everything in life is pawlitics?”)

After pestering him with numerous emails and attachments, Mr. Gessner finally cried uncle and called Momma for an interview.  Even though she was quite nervous, she managed to sound coherent and even uttered a quotable phrase or two.  When we actually saw the article in print – especially on the front page!! –  we were over the moon!  The only teensy-weensy “bone” I have to pick is that Momma takes a little too much credit for her role in the writing process of my blog and my book.  I’m just wondering, as the true author, why wasn’t interviewed?  Perhaps a little protest is in order?  (“Spoken like a true Democrat, Lina.”)

In case you’d like to take a look, here it is.  By the way, Momma forgot to mention in the interview that part of the proceeds from Lina Unleashed go to The Animal Humane Society!  (I’m always mopping up after her.)


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