Paw Post!

As you may recall, I have had a sore paw and have been doctoring for about three weeks now (Momma:  “And thrown away about $500, Lina”).  It is getting better but still needs some TLC (Tender Lina Care).  Nobody seems to know what’s wrong.  Was it injured herding sheep?  Chasing my big orange ball?  Gripping the paddle board too hard while hanging 20?  Anyway, I have been taking it easy – no ruff-housing for me lately, although we can’t seem to forego the boarding.

Anyway, last weekend Momma went out of town (again) and left me in the very capable hands and paws of Dr. Becca and her dog, Winnie.  Becca administered my meds and Winnie and I played gently together.  By the time they left, I was feeling much better.

Here I am soaking the hurt paw in Epsom Salts (not to be confused with having a pawdicure – that would be SO Momma) with my support dog, Winnie.  And today Momma cancelled my re-check with the vet – something to do with the cost, I assume, so I can only hope and pray that I’m healed!


Lina, Patient


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