Yappy Thanksgiving

Greetings to my furry friends and loyal human readers.  I hope you all have a great day with loved ones.  Sadly, Momma has abandoned me this Thanksgiving (take note Uncle Chuck, Esq.) for another trip with her friend, Rachel.  Luckily, though, Dr. Becca and Winnie are staying with me and we are having a great time.  I bet I will even get some turkey this year!  Okay, full disclosure here – Momma does check on me everyday and sends hugs to both Winnie and me.

Winnie has become a good friend, and we often assist Dr. Becca (as a reminder, she is an animal chiropractor and her clinic is aptly named PerPETual Motion) at her office.  We work very hard and only take breaks for treats and potty.  (By the way, there is almost no truth to Momma’s assertion to Becca that I plan to unionize Winnie.)  Here we are heading home and relaxing after a long day!

Once again this year, I want to woof out a big thanks to everyone for reading my blog and book!

Lina, Blessed


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