Keeping the Homefires Burning

Just in case you are wondering, I am doing just fine with Momma out of the country.  In fact, I am already planning on pretending I didn’t even know she was gone when she finally makes her way home.

So we have been busy!  Dr. Becca frequently takes us to the office where Winnie and I actually have little jobs.  Don’t laugh.  I am the Patient Greeter, and Winnie is Dr. Becca’s Assistant.  Generally, though we wear many collars – supervising lunch (which can be hard work looking for all those crumbs), helping put up the Christmas tree and making pets and their humans feel welcome!  Usually we are paid in treats, and it’s not minimum wage like when Momma is around.

After work, we all go home together where we rest up and sometimes enjoy some quiet time before the fire.  Sometimes Winnie and I even switch beds.


And I don’t know how Dr. Becca does it, but she even helped me make this card for Momma.


Can you stand it?

Lina, Feeling Cared For!


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