Holiday Boutique Wrap-Up

Well, the dog & pony show (also known as the Holiday Boutique) at Olympic Hills is over for another year.  Woofda.  Although Momma declared it a big success, I’m not so sure.  I’m no banker, but shouldn’t we come home with more money in our cash box than we started with?  And if things really went so well, why did Momma find it necessary to put up a little tent card offering “Lina Face Licks – 10 Cents”?  And are Momma’s wine purchases actually a legitimate business deduction for Little Big Ears, LLC?

Admittedly, we did have some fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones – especially those who gave me pets and tummy rubs.  And the Lina Notecards did go over pretty well, but I’m sure we have enough left for Christmas gifts.  Actually, if you’re a family member, count on it.

Once again, I have Nanny Becky to thank for my sanity.  As usual, she was my saving grace – petting me and giving me treats and taking me out to go potty while Momma worked the room and socialized.  Here I am with Nanny and one of my new friends, Adele.

The night did seem to drag on forever, however, and I was thrilled when we got to leave early.  In fact, we left right after the drawing for the “Unleashed” Chardonnay.  I know I shouldn’t be telling “tails” out of school here, but after giving two bottles away, Momma decided she would keep the third one for herself (“too hard to track these people down, Lina”).  So we packed up the wine and everything else and went home.

As you can see, I was dog tired ~IMG_4915 Just in case you still need some stocking stuffers, we have a few copies of the award-winning Lina Unleashed and some boxes of my note cards still on paw.  They come in variety packs, each box containing three of four different cards – one box is “fun” and one is “thoughtful.”  Here are a couple of examples:IMG_4929Momma wants me to tell you that they are perfect for any occasion from birthdays to graduations to new jobs to encouragement to just plain “thinking of you.”  She also wants me to tell you if you wish to order some, you can contact her at  She says we will honor the Holiday Boutique prices of $15 for one box or $25 for two.  Tax included.  Free shipping.  Play your cards right, and I just might include the dog.

Lina, Dealmaker



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