Dear readers, I have startling news.  The other day, I was bitten on my paw and nose by another dog while at doggie daycare.  Can you believe it?  If there ever was a dog who deserved this less, I don’t know who it would be.  Like most Democrats, I am an avowed pacifist and did absolutely nothing to provoke this unwarranted attack.  In fact, this is so unexpected that it just begs the questions — would the bullying have taken place if it wasn’t for the bully-in-chief in the White House setting a bad example?  By the way, I hear he doesn’t even have a dog — who can trust a guy like that?

Momma was in the middle of a round of golf when she got the call from daycare, and, despite the news, secretly hoped she could finish her game.  For once, she was playing well and plus she was trying out a new driver.  But alas, the manager told her that even though I seemed okay, she should have me checked over, and she reluctantly set out to get me. 

When Momma arrived, the manager passed me over to her and she was mortified to see that my little paw was covered in dried blood (the wound to the nose was superficial).  By now, Momma was more than a little angry and upset over the attack.  Would she ever dare leave me there again?  Would she have to hire a body guard?

Trying to calm down, she held and petted me as the manager explained what had happened.  The other dog had, in a split second — and for no reason — hauled off and bitten me on the paw and nose.  He further explained that the daycare has a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior and that the dog had been forever banned from the facility.  Yippie — take that you little bully, I was thinking!  Although I am a big believer in world peace and think we should all be able to get along, I really didn’t want to be looking over my shoulder all the time.  And Momma was thinking Yippie — I don’t have to miss any more golf!

Luckily the vet (another hunk — I don’t know how she does it) IMG_6954saw us right away and determined that my injury was limited to a split pad on my left front paw.  (Momma:  “Thank God it was not your pawdographing paw, Lina!”).

He said that we mainly had to be concerned about infection at this point, but that I should heal in a couple of weeks.  The doc also told Momma that the bandage should be removed the next day, and she could either bring me back or remove it herself.  Pretty cute, isn’t it?


By the next day, Momma had determined she would remove the bandage herself (what if the vet charged extra?).  Reading her mind, as I always do, I started whining.  This was code for “please take me to the vet and let them do it,” but Momma was having none of it.  Here I am enduring another Momma-klutz moment.

After much tugging and pulling of fur and heart-stopping slicing of tape and gauze, she finally got the bandage off.   Unfortunately, she still had to cover the paw with a little baby sock that the vet recommended to prevent my licking the wound.

Attaching the sock to my tiny paw was another mind boggling task for Momma.  In the end, she found a way to keep it on by holding the sock up with one hand and wrapping the adhesive tape tightly around the top with the other.  The result was a bulky mess with a tourniquet top and the sock itself so bunched up I could hardly walk.  I can tell it is going to be a long couple of weeks.


This will work well …

No problem, I decided — it would give me time to get going on my new cause.

Lina, Founder – #antidoggiebullying Movement



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