Wine and Canines!

Hello dog and wine lovers everywhere!  Momma and I have just wrapped up our first stint as a vendor at the Parley Lake annual “Bark into Summer – Canine in the Vines!”  And I have to woof, it was divine!

Momma and I got there early, and set up shop.  As usual we sold Lina Unleashed and assorted note cards.  We also offered as free gifts my famous “Aim High” postcards and bookmarks announcing the coming release of Sit Stay Pray.


Soon we were joined by Dr. Becca, my sitter and owner of PerPetual Motion Animal Chiropractic.  She brought along materials about her practice and also models showing dog and cat skeletal systems.  The kids especially liked those!

She also helped care for me, of course, adjusting my halter which was too loose and reminding Momma to take me along just as she was about to drive off without me at the end of the day.  Not making this up, folks.  Why do you think I write this blog?

Best of all, “Helping Paws” was there!  HP is a wonderful organization which (as stated on their website, “breeds, trains, and places assistance dogs with people who have physical disabilities and veterans and first responders with PTSD.”  If there is a better cause, I don’t know what it is.  Momma and I hope you will consider making a donation.

The “Helping Paws” Goldens did demonstrations on center stage of tasks they do for their owners including bracing to help them get on their feet and retrieving a dropped cell phone!  I even made friends with two of them, Paladin and Ripley.  So sweet and so smart.  Here are a few photos.

We were also happy to see familiar faces and businesses there including “Top Dog Country Club,” where I herded sheep last summer, NutriSource, a dog food company based in Perham, Minnesota, and Chuck and Don’s Pet Food and Supply Store.  Here is a picture of Nicci and me from Chuck and Don’s.  B412F8B3-6576-472A-B36D-1BA0E12B7C6FShe remembered me from “Yappy Hour” at Momma’s golf club a couple of years ago.

As the day wore on, we visited nearby vendors and did a little shopping.  Momma was in an uncommonly generous mood, and even bought me a new lake-themed collar and one for the 4th of July in my favorite color – Democrat Blue.


Last but not least, we spent lots of time at Sara’s “Adventure is Barking” area.  Sara offered expert training tips and conducted a doggie yoga class with her Griff, Kayak. Also, for $5.00, dogs and their humans could try out Sara’s agility training course.  Suffice it to say, Momma made the most of it and likely wore out our welcome.  Here I am in one of my countless trips around the course.

Sara also brought her paddleboard along.  0541827B-510A-44A8-B6DA-951D17D70DC2Not only is it Kayak’s safe space, but she also wanted to advertise AIB, which offers outdoor training and adventures, and the boarding event we are having at The Point next Sunday!  Stay tuned for details.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we were treated to music by “The Flannel Shirts.”  We also enjoyed the sculptures dotted around the grounds, the food trucks and, of course, Momma and Dr. Becca tucked into the Parley Lake Winery wine.

All in all, Canines in the Vines was “pawsome” and we are so glad we participated!  Here are a few more pictures.

Lina, Making the Circuit




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