Lina to the Rescue

The other day, Momma, me and her friend, Lori, headed out on the lake for our morning paddleboard ride.  It was a beautiful day with little wind, and we were looking forward to a peaceful, relaxing ride.

Just a couple minutes out, though, we observed a man and a woman in a speed boat with the “hood” up, waving and yelling that they had boat trouble.  Momma, remembering that we had just passed another boater, paddled back and tried to get his attention.  After several shouts, the man, who was fishing ( and possibly deaf), finally looked up warily at Momma.  She yelled, “boat trouble” and pointed at the stranded couple.  Thinking she had solved the problem, Momma paddled away – only to find that the fisherman had pulled in his line and sped away to another fishing hole!   What was SUP with that we wondered?  Was he in some kind of fishing contest?  Scared of Momma?  Me (the fierce Toy Aussie)?

Fed up by now, Momma, who likes the story of a rescue on the high seas anyway, told the boaters we would help them ourselves.  We were now on an important mission in her mind.  With Lori in tow, we paddled to our dock, fired up the pontoon and zoomed off to lend our assistance.  Here I am helping Momma with the logistics.

And bonus — after we dropped the boat off at the public landing with minimal drama (“this is not my first rodeo, Lina, he does not have to tell me how to drive the pontoon”), we got to go for a long ride around the lake!  Here I am relaxing with Lori.


Kinda begs the question, doesn’t it?  Why do we have to ride on those boring paddleboards when we have a real boat?

Lina, Rescue Dog and First Mate



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