National Dog Day! Turning Five! Bonus Video!

In case you weren’t aware, dear readers, today (August 26) is National Dog Day.  This day was established to encourage dog adoption and rescuing of all breeds – from mutts to mixes to purebreds.  Now this is a holiday I can get behind.  Honoring dogs and celebrating dogversity!

On another front, I am turning five years old tomorrow!  I know I shouldn’t woof this, but it does seem like I’ve been in Momma’s clutches, er, care for a lot longer.

Even though Momma wasn’t around for my birthday weekend (“I couldn’t help that it was the same weekend as the House Republican golf outing, Lina”), I got to spend quality time with Dr. Becca and Winnie!  We relaxed, played, kayaked and helped out at Dr. Becca’s office again.  It was so enjoyable, I almost didn’t mind wearing the dreaded Doggles for a little photo op.  Here we are enjoying our time together.  (Winnie does look a little Hells Angels, doesn’t she?)

I also want to share a video of me enjoying an e-birthday card from Nanny Becky on my second birthday!  This is a must see – DO NOT skip it!  I really think it’s going to go viral.  If only Momma could think of how to make that happen.

Lina, Celebrating!


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