We Have a Winner!

Dear Readers:  Thank you for your interest and entries in my “Inspawrational” notecard series, and for pawrticipating in the caption contest for what I’ll call the “give and take” photo!

Turns out, the best caption was pretty simple (as the best things usually are), and was submitted by someone who is an actual copywriter – Susan Blakely.  She took one look at it and said the card should say, “Thank You!”  And here it is – it’s pawsome if I woof so myself!

Image 9-10-19 at 10.12 AM

So there you are – Susan is our winner and will receive as her prize an assortment pack of selected notecards.  There is not an occasion that is missing in this group.  From get well, to dream big, to thank you, to cheer up, to a general quick note, to celebrate, note writers (and please don’t let this be a dying art) will have all of their bases covered.

Stay tuned as Momma and I will be offering the note cards and books for sale at upcoming events.  Don’t forget to check out the Events Page on this site.

Time for me to write out a “Thank You” note to Susan!

Lina, Judge


One thought on “We Have a Winner!

  1. I agree, Lina, really pawsome! This is a great addition to your notecard line-up since everyone can use these for hostess, birthday, Christmas and other gifts. The secret was not in the copywriting ….more of a ”barketing” move, I do believe!


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