As the Rolling Pin Turns

Holiday Greetings Dear Readers,

Last Saturday we officially kicked off the holiday season with our Annual Crystal Lake Loons (and Lina) Lefse Fest!  I have to admit the fest was a hoot (if a little out of control), and I do like those Irish step-relatives of mine!

This year the event started at 10:00a.  Well, actually, it started on “Kelleher time” which is always at least fifteen minutes early.  This was unfortunate for Momma, because she was still busy “doing” her hair upstairs when Tammy, Talla and Hannah arrived.

Momma was also a little late getting ready because she had been on her computer putting final touches on the group’s musical offering for the year — Oh, Our Lefse.  Tammy had composed it only the day before(!), and I think it might be our best yet.  I just hope that next year there will be a “speaking” part for me.  Just woofin’!

By the time Momma finally made her way downstairs, champagne had been poured, the group did a toast to this year’s festivities (Skol!), and the pins started rolling.

Lefse was baked, then flatbrod, then krumkake, all interspersed with generous helpings of champagne.  The baking was also interspersed with several practice sessions of Oh, Our Lefse, complete with props and gestures and costumes.  It turns out Talla had bought the girls Christmas pajamas for the performance which added a nice touch.  Somehow, though, she forgot me, the poor little step-sister, so I was forced to wear an old Santa suit.  (Momma:  “Always the victim, Lina.”)  Nevertheless, I pitched right in, and didn’t even mind the little joke in the song comparing my dogfood to lefse!

Here’s the video that Momma, the techie, posted on YouTube and hopes will go viral.  She might have a better chance if the opening shot did not appear upside down, but then what do I know?

And here are some of my favorite photos of the day.  Lucky I was there to chaperone and give out face licks.

Right after this year’s fest, Talla texted that she had enrolled us in Burnsville’s International Festival next summer.  The event, established in 2006, celebrates the city’s diversity, and features music, dance, cultural exhibits and food.  Now that’s a cause I can get behind!

Lina, Still Rolling with the Punches


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