Giving Thanks Today!

Thanksgiving Greetings Dear Readers,

I want to woof out a big thanks to all of the humans and dogs in my life.  I am indeed a blessed bow wow!

First, thank you to my entire village of caregivers.  Where would I be without you?

To my beloved Nanny for always having my back, my trusty and capable dogsitters, Dr. Becca in Minnesota, Janice of Nanny Paws in Florida, and Lori who helps out in both states.  Also, big time thanks to my massage therapist, Jenny Gott, and my pro bone attorney, Uncle Chuck, for keeping me out of trouble.

Thanks, also, to my doggie day care, Camp Bow Wow, and its outstanding staff for giving me a great home away from home.  And to my trainer, Sara, of Adventure is Barking.  (I’m still dreaming of being on the podium at Westminster, Sara.)

Also, thanks to the vast array of technicians, vets, specialists, emergency personnel, animal clinics and hospitals in Minnesota and Florida who give excellent care to me and unheeded advice to Momma.  And to the police and fireman and other officials who respond to our frequent emergencies and help create a “safe space” for me.

And a big woof-out to all my furry friends including Winnie, CoCoa, Willie, Roma and Gracie to name a few.

Finally, thanks for my care to Momma, my human.  I know her like a book (ahem!), and although she has her shortcomings, I think she’s trainable.

We are all indeed fortunate to have all the luxuries we do:  food, shelter, toys, treats, friends, family, love, God and our great country (yes, Momma had a hand in this message).

And last, but not least, thank you to the animal charities that take care of those in need like the Animal Human Society and Helping Paws MN.

Lina, One Lucky Pooch



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